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Which is better... An all inclusive resort? or a Carribean Cruise?

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We're doing some vacation planning and we have come to an interesting fork in the road.

Do we fly to an all inclusove resort like Club Med or Sandals? Or do we fly to New Orleans and Take a Carribean cruise?

What are the pros and cons of each?

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I say resort. My Wife loves cruises, but I don't like them as much. You have tons of stuff to do on ship, but are stuck on the ship. You'll hit a port or 2, but will only be at that port for a few hours. Not much tie to do anything more than a small excursion or some shopping. But if you go to a resort, you can leave that resort if you want and explore. Do things on your schedule, not the ships schedule.

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Resort for sure....make sure there are some courses nearby....give her the card and send her shopping while you get 18 in. A cruise does not appeal to me in the least ...cooped up in a shoebox cabin..going with the herd at shore breaks....no time to check out the sights before reboarding.Hassles with the hawkers pushing their junk souvenirs at you as you disembark takes the enjoyment out of the trip.

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Personally, I loved going on a cruise and I was under age when I went.


Thinking about how much more fun it would be now that I can actually drink would make it so much more fun.

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Done Club Med with family several times many years ago and it was super each time. Lots of fun and very simple accommodations. Not fancy at all except the food is great because they are French and take food seriously. If you go, buy into the whole Club Med thing and play the pool games, enter contests, participate in shows, do the sun dance before lunch, experience the social aspects of sitting with others during meals, and let yourself go.

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Went to Breezes Bahamas for our 10th anniversary and loved it.  EVERYTHING was inclusive, including round trip airfare, shuttle to/from the airport, tips, etc.  The only cash we really needed was for the things we bought at the straw market and the casino at Atlantis.  

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You can't really go wrong with either but I'm more partial to the all inclusive resort it just seems like the resort is more relaxing.

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went on a cruise at the first of the year it was fun but to many days spent on the iron bucket, since i have picked up golf i would like to check out a resort let the o lady cruise around shopping, me hack at an 18 pack........oops 18 holes then an 18 packc2_beer.gif,we have done all inclusive before but not playing golf, it was fun because everything is there. we are planning a cruise to alaska next june, kind of looking forward to it.

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Done cruises and Sandals numerous times.  For my family and I, the best vacation is a cruise.  You get on a boat for a week or more and have nothing to worry about.  The islands they visit are great and you're usually there just long enough to enjoy them but not get bored.  We like Sandals the first few days we're there, but you can quickly run out of things to do and then you're left trying to occupy yourself or risk renting a car and traveling around on your own, which isn't always safe.


Do some reseach, as the cruise lines cater to different age groups and income levels.  I've cruised with Princess, Celebrity, Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.  We prefer to leave out of NY which limits iteneraries and ships but minimizes headache with airlines and luggage.  Of the ships leaving NY, I prefer Princess (best food and service), but if you're younger (I'm 47) I'd suggest Carnival, they are geared towards a younger crowd compared to Princess and RC.   

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