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Cobra AMP

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I was at Dick's picking up some of the HEX Black balls while they're on sale and saw the new Cobra AMP driver and iron in the demo room (I was trying out the Adams CB3).  I never would have considered Cobra before just based on they looked a little goofy to me in the adds and commercials.


To my surprise, they were actually nice clubs.  The driver had the stiff Aldila 55g shaft, and the head had more of a classic look at address.  It swings really well and felt really nice when striking the ball.  The iron was a little on the bulky side for my taste, but it had a really nice feel to it when striking the ball.


I'm not in the market for new clubs anytime soon (just bought a used G15 with the Aldila Serrano stiff shaft from my friend, and really like it... and play Mizuno MP52s which are only a few years old) but I think I'll at least consider Cobra (especially the driver) in the future.


Anyone else have any thoughts on them?

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I'm not really a fan of Cobra gear, but the AMP definently is their best club, I hit it once and it felt pretty good, but for the price, better drivers are out there !

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The irons are great. I went into Golf  Galaxy this past February to try the Mizuno JPX 800s, but hit the AMPs much better. More distance than my TM Burner 2.0 irons as well.

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I just bought the Cobra Amp today at Dicks and was blown away.  Now I haven't hit tons of drivers but this sucker launched the ball and it felt so good.  Now I also modified my setup with the driver today after watching a video on youtube.  My drives were right down the fairway [or not far to the right] and distance was excellent.  


I even like the sound it makes, my Nike Sumo sounded like I was hitting the ball with a iron skillet.

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