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Bridgestone xFIXx

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What happened to the Bridgestone xFIXx golfball?


Was given one the other day and thought they played quite well except it went a little further than I expected and found the ole water hole.  Wanted to try to get a dozen to try out but haven't been able to find them locally at either Dicks or GolfSmith.  Couldn't find them on their website either and have noted they were on Golf Digest Hot list for 2011???

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Saw some at Walmart the other day. $19 maybe. When the golf stores pull the old model stuff, they usually end up at Wally's. I'm sure they buy truck loads for next to nothing.....

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Walmart or Target is your best bet.  Bstone still makes the xFIXx so no reason you shouldnt be able to find them.

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