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How many balls do you hit in a typical range practice session

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My local range sells balls in increments of 35.   For me, 35 is too few and 70 is way too many for me.    It seems that by the time I get to the 70th ball I'm just whooped.


It's probably worth noting, that my typical range session goes something like this:

5 really soft slow sand wedges to loosen up

10 pitching wedges

10 7 irons

15 5 irons

5 4 irons

5 hybrids

5 3 wds

10 drivers

5 pitching wedges

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I would agree, 35 too few, 70 to many.  When I go to the range I will go with a small bucket, warm up, then hit from a problem group, like driver/3 wood or 3/4 iron then from a strong group like PW/GW and maybe bounce back and forth between them.  I will try to take the feel from a good shot and transfer it so a trouble area.  This way I don't feel like I'm just pounding balls.

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I usually hit too many b4_blushing.gif I know I should stick to the medium basket of about 60 balls, but I can rarely resist the big 'un at 120 and inevitably get tired and lose the swing a bit.


I do practice sensibly for the most part - along the lines mentioned by GolfBear and lumpuckeroo, but something about that range servant just makes me hit the wrong vend option.


Time to turn over a new leaf ...



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I hit 200-300 balls on average each range session, I got free range balls and like to use it. I'm actually very used to hit many balls now so I don't get tired until after around 200. I don't think I get much improvement after 100 balls, but I think it's effecient I you make lots of changes in your swing and need to train on them so they become natural.

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I hit 110 balls twice a week, although I got rained out today with about 35 balls left.

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Warm up before a round....20 is plenty.

Practice range session, which is seldom and only with a very specific goal in mind, no more than 50-60. Any more and I get tired and/or lazy, and the session becomes counter productive.
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If I'm playing that day I'll only hit about 20 at most. But as far as practice goes I'll get a large basket (about 75 for $7.00). I can only do this once a week right now. This price seems expensive to me, but it's all we have around here. I can practice my short shots (120yds and in) around my house with my own collection of shag balls. I mainly practice 7 iron thru 4, 3 and 5 wood, and driver at the range.

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I hit 2 buckets (180) two or three times a week. About 20 balls to get past the "thins" and into the proper swing. Lately the swing groove has been easier to find and easier to replicate through all of the clubs. If I'm hitting a club well I spend more time on it in order get more "muscle memory" into my body and positively reinforce the good swing. Spend the bulk of the time on 7i on down, plus about 20 drives and 20 hybrids. I'll get to the point where I'm only conscious of taking the club back and then I'm finished and the ball is on the way. That's what I love.

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60 balls (in about 1 hr 20 min.), if I am not playing and just working on my swing.

If I am playing, I'll warm up with about 10-20 balls just to warm up and get the feel of the swing for the day.

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At the range it's either 55 or 110.  I split about half the time at each size.  55 never feels like enough but with 110 I find if something's going particularly poorly I have so many balls I'll just start banging out shots rapid fire, which obviously isn't productive.


More often these days I'm hitting my birdie balls at the park.  I've got ~30 and I usually hit two buckets, so 60 balls of practice.  I'll also often throw in maybe 20-30 total shots with real balls for short game practice, trying to hit my 54˚ and 60˚ various distances 50 yards or less.

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When I work on my swing I usually hit 160 to 200 balls (buckets of 40), the first bucket in 1/2 swing wedges to various targets then I work mostly with the 9 to 5 irons then hit about 20 balls with longer irons then a few woods.

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Usually one large bucket 70+ at most.  The first 20 to 30 will be just wedges, half shots to warm up.  I will then work on the specific item for that session like driver for at most 20.  Usually warm down at the end with a few wedges to.  When you get older, your body cannot take too much stress, so I limit the session.  

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