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Cobra AMP Cell series

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Anyone have any information or reviews on how they function? They look pretty sweet from what I can tell, although I haven't had much (well, almost none) experience with Cobra clubs. Thanks.

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Ive seen them, they llook pretty cool.  The loft is adjustable to basically any driver loft that you want!  I'm not sure but should be about 7-13 degrees?  Hope it helps. 

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I absolutely love my AMP driver, so I'm not in any hurry to replace it.  But I definitely want to give the Cell a swing when they come out.  Might be on my list for a couple years down the road when the prices come down.


For a really good review with great pics, Google "My Golf Spy First Look 2013 Cobra Amp Cell Driver". 



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Turns out Dick's has the AMP Cell stuff on the floor already so I bought the Cell 4-5h today. Going to see what it's like with just 6-LW in the bag this year. Release date was supposed to be 02/08/2013 but they had a bunch of new stuff out there. He mentioned the early release of some other hot item as well but can't remember what it was. May have been the Nike stuff. Not sure when it is supposed to come out.

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Wasn't sure where to post this and didn't want to start a new thread. I can't seem to find what type of tip shaft I would need to get in order to re shaft my Cobra Amp Cells. Most likely looking to get true temper dynalite xp model either the older version or the new 95xp.
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Have had a few games with my amp cell driver now and love it, was playing a taylormade burner 2.0 and sorry to say it won't get a run in my bag again. Also searching for a stiff shaft as only got off the shelf regular and still killing it so once speced with a good stiff shaft it will be unstoppable. Highly recommend giving it a go, awesome buy for the price.
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I currently have an Amp Cell 7*+ I run it on the bottom side and still feel like I have a high launch compared to other clubs I have tried/played but I have had good success with it.  If you want to shape a shot at all this is not the club for you.

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Have had one game now with my new amp cell irons, stiff dynalite 90 shaft... Love them. I was playing an older forged cobra muscle back type iron for the last 10 years, liked them when I was playing a lot more, very unforgiving. Picked these up cheap and hit them really well for the first bash. Found I had to drop a club due to stronger lofts of the new clubs hit 9 where I would hit 8 usually for instance but I will get used to that. Way more forgiving, miss hit a couple and they didn't punish me as much as my previous would. Give them a run.
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