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Hybrid guidance

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Hey guys need some help with hybrids.
Currently use 5 wood 7 w 9w then go to 6 iron which i dont stroke very well then im pretty set 7 thru wedges
So any ideas as what to replace 5 iron with and so on 4. 3 etc. i tee off with 5 wood 230 working on 3 wood but not ready to bag yet not very reliable and driver has no chance as of now. M
So any ideas suggestion would be great for what to try and demo over the winter. Thanks guys
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Let's review what you told us: You're OK from 7i on up and tee off with a 5W, and have a 9 HDCP?


What you may want to do is take a tune-up lesson, see if you have a swing flaw that's holding you back with about half your clubs.


Hybrids are easy to hit - if you have a halfway decent swing. If you've got a deep swing flaw, I doubt if hybrids will suddenly lower your score.


After a swing check-up, try out different hybrids. My friend had got a set with irons, hybrids and FW, and found he couldn't hit that matching hybrids. So, it may take some testing to find a hybrid you can hit well, and feel confident with.  

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I hit irons and woods just fine Long irons are tougher so i use fairway woods want to get into the hybrids for 4 5 Just looking for recommendations suggestions. I am pretty good at course mangement not every t shot has to be 270 yards to score well.
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My bag makeup is a Ping G20 driver , TM 2.0 4 wood , Adams V3 3h-6h hybrids with the Bassara 60g graphite shafts in reg.  , 7-LW Ping i20 irons . 

I hit my Adams V3 hybrids so solid its crazy for me to even consider taking them out of my bag . When you hit them in the sweet spot they have this nice solid sounding tink sound , even misses still get very good carry . They just fly high and straight . Another thing is the ball will flat check up with these hybrids too . 

I have hit the new Ping Anser hybrids and would switch in a minute , but my wallet says otherwise ! 

I am not a long hitter but I hit the 6h -160 , 5h -170 , 4 -180 , and 3h -190 . 



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