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Hybrid guidance

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Hey guys need some help with hybrids. Currently use 5 wood 7 w 9w then go to 6 iron which i dont stroke very well then im pretty set 7 thru wedges So any ideas as what to replace 5 iron with and so on 4. 3 etc. i tee off with 5 wood 230 working on 3 wood but not ready to bag yet not very reliable and driver has no chance as of now. M So any ideas suggestion would be great for what to try and demo over the winter. Thanks guys

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Let's review what you told us: You're OK from 7i on up and tee off with a 5W, and have a 9 HDCP?

What you may want to do is take a tune-up lesson, see if you have a swing flaw that's holding you back with about half your clubs.

Hybrids are easy to hit - if you have a halfway decent swing. If you've got a deep swing flaw, I doubt if hybrids will suddenly lower your score.

After a swing check-up, try out different hybrids. My friend had got a set with irons, hybrids and FW, and found he couldn't hit that matching hybrids. So, it may take some testing to find a hybrid you can hit well, and feel confident with.


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I hit irons and woods just fine Long irons are tougher so i use fairway woods want to get into the hybrids for 4 5 Just looking for recommendations suggestions. I am pretty good at course mangement not every t shot has to be 270 yards to score well.

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My bag makeup is a Ping G20 driver , TM 2.0 4 wood , Adams V3 3h-6h hybrids with the Bassara 60g graphite shafts in reg.  , 7-LW Ping i20 irons .

I hit my Adams V3 hybrids so solid its crazy for me to even consider taking them out of my bag . When you hit them in the sweet spot they have this nice solid sounding tink sound , even misses still get very good carry . They just fly high and straight . Another thing is the ball will flat check up with these hybrids too .

I have hit the new Ping Anser hybrids and would switch in a minute , but my wallet says otherwise !

I am not a long hitter but I hit the 6h -160 , 5h -170 , 4 -180 , and 3h -190 .


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    • He said, doesn't experience with the driver (bulge ref.) Just mid/long irons.   I think, I would look at the divot on these to see if they are more out to in, longer and deeper than normal past the ball. An extra 'compressed' in to out impact with closed to club path face can do all that you have described.
    • Simple answer: the polls are always volatile in the period between the conventions. McCain jumped ahead in the polls at this time in 2008, but it evaporated once the data caught up to what happened at the Democratic convention. No need for the left to panic, no need for the right to get cocky.
    • I feel for you.  Here in northeastern Colorado, all of our water comes from wells, 200 feet and deeper.  And even drilling a well is a hit or miss proposition, and a really good well will only pump about 10 gallons a minute - most farmers are tickled when they get 6, the average is less than that.  Crops are not irrigated, farmers grow dryland wheat, corn and millet, with a few fields of commercial sunflowers. We average 1.25" of precipitation per month all year. Most of that comes in May-July, but even then it's less than 2.5" each month (with 4 days left in July, I've only emptied about 1.8" of water from our rain gauge this month, and I doubt that we will hit our 2.3" average for July).  Also, most of our rain comes in bunches called thunderstorms - we rarely get a soaking rain like you do farther east.  Humidity is low, most days under 35% and can be below 15%, so any moisture that is in or on the ground is sucked up quickly.  We do most of our lawn and golf course watering at night so it has time to soak in before the sun comes up.   On my home course, the water hazard ponds are reservoirs for watering the course, and they can be several feet lower in the fall because of the draw down.  They are fed by an irrigation ditch from water stored in the mountains west of Denver, and water rights are divvied out by one's place on the water rights seniority list.  When supplies are low, the lower part of the list gets cut off.  One private club a few years back had only enough water for the tees and greens - the fairways dried out to the point where the cracks would swallow a ball.  There was only dead grass and weeds mowed short.  They survived that year and and spent a good bit of money to renegotiate their water rights, but it took a couple of years for the course to recover.
    • If you looked at the polls for Trump he didn't see his boost till after the RNC convention. Also, the link you posted is to a prediction not a poll. Basically they are using 3000 to guess who will win in November. This isn't a poll on who they would vote for now.   So, Twitchy dot com misinterpreted the USC website.  The guy who has a track record for being highly accurate in predictions still has Hillary's chance of winning at 60%  
    • The hack is huge deal. The apparent connection with the Russian government that stands to benefit greatly from the proposed foreign policy of a presidential candidate, whose credit line happens to run straight through Moscow, seems too substantial to dismiss. 65 percent of Americans have a negative opinion of Russia; one consequence of having an old, white voting base is that they remember the Cold War. The Dems should keep digging at this story; it may be their strongest weapon to attack Trump's credibility with working-class white voters.
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