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Headed to Launch Monitor -

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I've played in a non serious fashion all my life, but in Aug of this year decided to take the game more seriously and attempt to improve all areas.  Since starting this project in Aug, I've changed my grip (10 finger to interlocking), posture, grip pressure, swing, no divot to now taking a divot, you name it - i've changed it with the help of a pro.  I've lowered my scores from high 90s - 100 to low 80s (81 lowest) - mid 80s average.  About 3-4 weeks ago I went for a club fitting and had abt 1.75 inches added to all of my clubs. My smash factor using an 8 iron was 1.47 - 1.49  on almost every shot. My question is this.....when I play from the white tees (just over 6000 yds) I easily score low 80s - mid 80s, but rarely come close to using all of the clubs in my bag.  When playing from blues (6400-6600) I use more of my clubs and have to focus much more on course management and avoiding the dreaded 2-3 blowup holes.  I generally take a 3/4 swing with every club, mainly due to my lack of flexibility, but currently hit my 8 iron about 150-155. I have another session scheduled on a launch monitor at the end of the week, any specific areas or club distances I should pay attention to since this time I understand a lot more about what the numbers represent?  Also, what tees should I be playing?  My club does a  Sat game in which everyone who isn't single digit hcp, plays from the whites, but as stated above, playing from the whites is typically not as challenging since primarily when playing whites my issues revolve around hitting more GIR and being more consistent rather than course management.  White tees = only hitting driver 2-3 times per 18.  Is this fairly normal and should I stick with whites until more consistent and shooting in the 70s or move back to blues?  My goal is to break 80, which i haven't done yet.  Thanks TST readers!

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Congrats on lowering your scoring average... Shooting in the mid 80's on average to breaking 80 on average for me was mainly improving my ball striking.  Working on my swing mechanics so that I could increase my fairways and greens per round.


Regarding your question on what tee you should play... If you hit your 8i 150 to 155yds... Pretty average.  How far do you hit your driver on average?  Say you hit 10 balls, what is your average distance with the driver?  If you can hit your driver on average 250 to 260, then playing a 6,500 to 6,800yd course should be doable without struggling too much.  And it will force you to work on your ball striking (see my first comment) as you'll have to learn how to hit your 5i/6i, etc...


If you are playing short courses and not using anything more than an 8i... I think your scores can drop... But you really need to focus on your ball striking to get into the 70's on average.

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Regarding the launch monitor... Things you should look for are....


Swing Speed

Ball Speed

Spin Rate

Launch Angle

Carry Distance



I'd write down your numbers with your driver (tee'd up), 3W (off the deck), 6i, PW and keep them somewhere you can reference.  If the launch monitor is a Trackman, you may also want to look at your average Attack Angle, Club Path and Swing Direction  with your driver and 6i.  This can highlight swing flaws or changes you need to work on.

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And swing path...

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Thank you so much for the reply!  You are so dead on!  Ball striking / swing path are my biggest hang-ups right now.  Thanks for the list on launch monitor. Definitely gives me some direction.

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I would mix up the tees that you play...obviously it will be easier to break 80 from the whites, but playing from 6400-6600 will put more of a premium on ball striking and give you practice with more of your bag.

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