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Slice has returned

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After fixing my slice for a brief period it seems to have returned, and I can't get it straightened out...

There's a video of my swing, any input would be appreciated
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well I'm certainly not an instructor but I would bet your problem stems from your grip. This video explains it pretty well I think, there is another video buy the same guy on youtube that explains how to set your grip but I cant find it.



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No DTL view so I could not see your plane, but the one thing I noticed is you have a very quick transition. You don't 'set' the club at the top and don't really complete you backswing. This quickness can often cause casting and an OTO plane. Try using a 1-2-3-4 tempo, with 1 starting the backswing, and 4 being impact. My son has been wiping the ball pretty bad lately, and our last time out, the 1-2-3-4 tempo drill straightened him out and added a lot of distance.

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In addition to what dak4n6 said, I noticed a couple things right away:  1] It's hard to tell from the angle, but the ball looks to be almost in the middle of your stance.  If that's the case (or even if it's a touch further forward, but not forward enough), the club head might be coming through the ball with the face open to the path, and 2] right before you take the club back, you give a pretty big forward press.  With the club head grounded, that will open the face.  Try it with a 6 iron to see.... set up with the club head and shaft running right up the middle of your sternum.  Then move your hands forward toward your forward pocket and watch the face of the club... it opens.  And 3], again hard to be sure with the angle, but it almost looks like your shoulders are open as well.

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your backswing did not complete....no hip turn

so you commenced the DS with your upper body, casting the club on the outside to inside path.



this is right where you commence the DS with your hands....weight has not transferred to the left...you can see that your weight is on the outside of your right foot.

OK, when you take the swing up, keep your weight on the inside of your right leg and foot....dont allow it to go to the outside, from there you will always be in trouble.

once you get to the top, you will feel the tension all the way up the inside of your right leg....push off the inside of the right leg and get the weight to the left, and bring the R elbow in to the body.

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Hi, I viewed your swing. There are a number of things,  You are open with your shoulders, feet and hips at address. Just before you initiate your swing the shaft is moved "forward press" as indicated by User"GLOCK" above. the butt of the club is pointing at your left hip and it does open the clubface. Making a good turn on the backswing is more difficult from an open position.

If your set up was more square to your target then a 90 degree shoulder turn is only 90 degrees away!.   But from a very open position to the same target line a turn must go to the square position plus the 90 degree turn!!. So put clubs down for a target line, a stance line and get a friend to check shoulders and hips for you.

     I would recommend reviewing how you grip as a matter of priority too! It is very strong and could be why the forward push is happening in the first place. In short your fundamentals are way out.

Best advice is to ask an instructor to sort out your grip, alignment stance and most likely posture too. GASP for short. Best of luck n hope that helps a bit.

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