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Hello from Michigan

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I found the forum via Amazon, looking for reviews of the Swingbyte.   I thought to myself...self, this forum has promise.    I'm glad I've found this place and hope to learn and contribute in the future.


I live in the land of perpetual cloudiness (Michigan) and usually just play local courses around my home. 


Usually, this time of year,the clubs are put away and I watch golf on TV.   Not this year.   I've decided to pull the trigger and get fitted for clubs!   In two weeks (12/15 and 12/16), I'm getting fitted and purchasing clubs from Carl's Golfland in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  


In my spare time (like I have any), I work for General Motors (government motors),  time races (running, triathlons, mountain bikes, etc), mountain bike, play table tennis, roller blade, fly radio controlled airplanes and oh...ya.. golf.  


I'd love to golf more often but I'm putting my wife thru college (second career) and time is the enemy. 


I'm a fan of Michael Breed and think Tiger Woods is still good for golf.  



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Welcome. I like the avatar. :) Even if it is a cat...

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Thanks.... From the cat. Actually I wasn't a cat person until my daughter rescued a black one and then moved out leaving it with me.

I'm excited about finding this forum. I belong to several android and computer forums but never gave a thought about a golf forum.

Thanks for the welcome
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Hi Denny. Greetings from another Detroit area golfer. I've spent many hours at that Carl's over the years.

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