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Has anyone here read my OVER THE TOP GOLF articles or tried my swing?  

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In 2008 I created a golf swing method called OVER THE TOP GOLF. Despite the name, which some people have said creates a negative image, I still managed to sell hundreds of instructional DVDs. In all honesty, I had exactly two complaints - a woman who I knew was going to be trouble when I got an email within ten minutes of her order demanding I ship it that same day, and a guy who said "thanks for the $25 beer coaster."


Now my golf instruction is provided through an eBook which is a narration over drawings presentation. I like the way it came out but, more importantly, it's twice as effective a teaching tool as the DVD was. My method is very simple, just 5 set-up changes to your existing swing. And the name notwithstanding, OVER THE TOP GOLF isn't just for hackers with outside-in golf swings. Golf pros who tried it have said "Wow." Of course, a golf pro would never teach my method because, as I said, it's so simple that additional lessons wouldn't be necessary. Once you learn it, you own it.


Anyway, I posted an offer here a few weeks ago looking for a few people to try OVER THE TOP GOLF on me and report on it (pro or con) but my post was considered spam and deleted. After a few email exchanges with the forum administrator he told that I could at least discuss my golf swing method here.  In fact, I sent a him link to my eBook but I haven't heard back from him so I don't know if he viewed it or not.


Well, in addition to inviting members of the sand trap to read my articles. I would like to know if anybody here has tried OVER THE TOP GOLF in the past. Besides the comments in my blog, I never read anything about it. At the range a few weeks ago a fellow suggested that I do a Hank Haney type of TV show or maybe an infomercial. That wouldn't work for me. You see, after watching Hank give lessons to numerous celebrities, many of us still have no clue what he was talking about. With me, it would be like "Oh, that's all there is to it?" and that would be the end of anyone buying my eBook because the whole lesson would be revealed in the show. That's also why if anyone asks what the five set-up changes are I can't really say because, well,that IS all there is to it!! I hope that you are at least entertained by my blog. My upcoming article, which I trot out every Christmas, is "The Story of Santa's New Golf Swing."

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You could start out by explaining what it is.
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If he explains what it is, we won't need to buy the DVD. I think that's his point here. Which seems to make this idea almost un-sellable.
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I know, Myrtle Beach, it's simplicity makes OVER THE TOP GOLF a hard sell. Nobody believes in magic wands. If  could throw in some words like pronation then people would respect it more. I would never try to change someone's grip or swing path. I am about "golf swing optimization." Building on your own foundation.


PS: No more DVD, now it's in eBook form.

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what if the foundation sucks?

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Sorry, still spammy and now locked.


I'm all for people sharing ideas, but you're not doing that here - you're sharing hints, teasers, etc. to try to get people to BUY your eBook.


We pride ourselves in providing an open forum free of people and businesses who are trying to do nothing but take. Post again without contributing mightily (your past works against you in this determination) and you'll be banned along with the other spammers.


You're more than welcome to SHARE information in the instruction forum. Marketing to people so that they buy your eBook is not sharing information.

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