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What virtual golf course would you play?

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Looking at playing in some golf simulators during the winter season here in MN.  I am looking at the hi def golf simulators and was curious what course you would suggest?





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Since I'm not planning to ever play them in person, it would be Pebble, the big one in Hawaii, the Players champ course, etc. 

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Like DocWu said. I will never play Pebble Beach, BethPage Black (even though it is technically possible), Agusta National, TPC Sawgrass, and both courses at St. Andrews, Carnoustie, and Murfield. It would be nice to see what's so hard about playing in 30mph wind, 10 foot deep bunkers, drainage canals and narrow bridges for hazards, super slick greens, high trees, narrow fairways, and island greens. Piece of cake right? Those would be my simulator rounds so that when I see it on TV, I will "kinda" know what the pro is "seeing and experiencing". It would be fun trying to put your ball near the spot where Tiger made the "chip heard around the world" (Better than most!) at Augusta national.

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My experience is the more straight forward the course the better it plays on the sims. Even though it sounds like fun to face the challenges of  knee deep grass, pot bunkers and the like it doesn't translate well with a sim. At least it didn't for me. I've had some frustrating sim rounds trying to hack balls from tricky sim lies while running up the score just because it doesn't play like real life. I suppose the answer would be to keep the ball in play but it's pretty much impossible to do that for 18 holes.

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Are certain simulators better than others?  I would assume the better the technology the more realistic it would be.  I was thinking I wanted to play either Bethpage black or Augusta.  TPC Sawgrass would be awesome too!

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It's as realistic as it can be hitting of mats, it feels like hitting off a mat regardless what the lie is. If you've been to a sim you know what that means. The putting is the worst thing about it. It's fun but I wouldn't expect to be blow away or anything. Personally I'd rather hit balls into the net in my basement and play WGT on the PC. I have more fun with that than I do the sims. Though if you have one in your area that's also a sports bar those are pretty fun. We have a Swingers here.

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Joshmit, as Dave suggests, have you tried the one in Dave & Busters?

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Not yet.  i will have look into that

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I joined a local simulator place for our long winters too.  I enjoy playing the big name courses I'd never spend the money to play.  Our place uses hdgolf.com simulators so the imagery is really nice (actual HD photos from the courses).  The course I find I play quite a lot though is a compilation course called 'Famous 3's'.  It's pretty cool to play those holes from all the famous courses.  Really shows you why a par3 doesn't need to be 230yds to be challenging.


In the end though you are hitting off mats of various styles.  You have to take it for what it is.  The fun of playing golf all year round and playing in lots of leagues more than makes up for it for me.  Plus the beer and the food right on hand is nice too.  No waiting for the beer cart.


An added benefit is the launch monitor style feedback is also helpful for working on your swing.

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