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Anyone prefer a lower lofted driver? If so, why?

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This might be a dumb question, but what's the benefit in a lower lofted driver? I played with a 10.5* TM Burner with a draw bias for the past 8 mo's and got a new 9* R11S for Christmas.  On the monitor (which I now realize is completely full of shit), I was "hitting" around 265-280, no more than 15 yards offline.  Can't ask for me more, so I took that one.  Tried it on the range and it was like I was hitting batting practice to the shortstop. 


It's adjustable so I opened it up all the way to what should be 10*, and it was much better.  Still getting used to it but well hit drivers are pretty damn nice, seems like lower ball flight than my old Burner, and I reached a 275 par 4 off the tee. 


My question is, should I stick with the 9* and leave it open, in the anticipation of lowering the loft as I get better, or should I trade it for the 10.5*? 

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Its all about how you deliver the club at impact.

Tiger used a 10.5 under Haney and he is now using a 8.5 I believe under Foley.

Whichever driver gives you the best combination of distance and accuracy is what I would use. Don't get too hung up on the number. I hit a 10.5 and hit it lower and longer than some of the guys I play with.
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If you hit it well with it opened up I would stick with it because you will have the option of going lower if you so choose plus unless they will exchange it, you will take a big hit on the trade in value and buying the new one.


You could also consider your tee height and ball position as this will have an effect on how you make contact. I have always been good at hitting drivers on the upswing and as a result I play an 8 degree because I tend to balloon the ball up in the air with higher lofts. 

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stick with what works for you. I cant keep my ball from going to up so my 910 is turned down to 8.75

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Stick with what seems best...remember if you close the face angle, the ball will go higher...open it and it will go lower

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For me, when I went to a 9.5 from a 12, I gained about 30 yards on my drives.  All those gurus were recommending higher lofts for mid to high handicap players was why I had the 12.  I was hitting high pop ups to about 175 yards now I hit it about 210 with better ball flight.


Now I'm thinking of trying blades or muscle back irons, just to see if the stuff about game improvement clubs is b.s. too.

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Some factors would be swing speed, angle of attack, type of shaft and where on the face you hit it. If you hit down on it slighly and/or have a slower swing speed, more loft would be better.

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Without too much analysis... I believe this is correct:


Swing A

8* Driver A


Swing B

9* Driver B


Swing C

10* Driver C


Swing A, B and C are identical with regard to Swing Speed, Angle of Attack and Contact Point...


Driver A is going to be better for a guy who has a positive Angle of Attack (ascending blow).

Driver B is going to be better for a guy who has an average Angle of Attack (zeroing out)

Driver C is going to be better for a guy who has a negative Angle of Attack (descending blow)


I'd also add that the faster the swing speed - the lower the loft someone could get away with as the ball still carry, but with a lower vertical launch.  The real thing you should do is get on a launch monitor, get your Angle of Attack number(s) so that you can see if you are swinging up or down.  Then look at your Swing Speed, Ball Speed and Spin numbers to determine which loft/shaft combination works best.


A positive (ascending blow) for an Angle of Attack is going to fly further than a negative number.  So an easy way to get more of a positive number is simply moving the ball forward in your stance, and playing with the teeing height.  You will see the numbers change by experimenting with your address positions.

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