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Hybrid help

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Need help with understanding the hybrid[
Hit 7 thru sw just fine 5-6 irons a bit of a struggle so thinking hybrids for 6 and 5 and 4 but what to get hybrid iron Or hybrid wood or a rescue or what. I like to practice with 6 iron and get that down better but 5 iron just dosent work to well. (why is it so much harder to hit 4-6 irons then 4-6 hybrids what works best same length hybrid as your iron shaft are hybrids all differant????
Need some helpmso i can work on it this winter. Should they match my irons. Flex length progression etc.
Any input would be great
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I would start with one hybrid to replace the longest iron in your bag and see how it works for you.  Hybrids are better at getting the ball to a higher flight, but not anymore accurate from my experience.  Is your issue with 4 - 6 accuracy?  What is your miss?  I use a 3 hybrid and have irons 4 - PW.

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I use hybrids 2 to 6 and do well with them. I can hit my old long irons (zero bounce just like my hybrids) rather but prefer the feel of a hybrid. I guess that is because I am an old school sweeper (as Moe Norman said...don't take a divot...hit the ball like it is sitting on a man's crew cut) My two is an Adams a4r boxer 19* rescue club. Good club for whacking out of the trees or really bad rough. 3 and 6 are Callaway Diablo Edges. My 4 and 5 are Callaway Razr X HLs. Lofts are 21,24,27,30. I can actually shape shots with them, although it took a bit of time to learn to do that. 

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