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Tourny Prep

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What is your thought process or mental approach the evening before an important tournament or round?
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I make sure I have a big meal - take a nice hot shower.  And get to bed early.  I like to eat a lot of carbs and lean meats the night before.  And then the day of - just eat light and drink a lot of fluids.


I also tend to do the pillow drill.  Where I prop a pillow up against the wall - like a couch pillow - and hit forward press chip shots into it.  Just to help educate my hands.  I get to a distance where the ball will hit the pillow and roll back to me.  So basically I can just stand there and hit dozens and dozens of shots over and over.  And really work on feeling the clubhead making impact with the ball.  And if I have enough time... I'll spend time rolling putts on my putting alley.  


The short game is critical to scoring - and this is where I want to spend my 'crunch' time before a big event.

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I try not to do too much different than any normal night otherwise it may reinforce how important it is and lead to extra nerves which may negatively impact sleep. 

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