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Power tips????

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Im looking for a bit of advice, im a mediocre player (20 handicap) i have a pretty good swing but for some reason i just cant hit very far no matter what i do.

I play with my friends who are 28 handicappers and to be fair bad players but they consistently outdrive me by 30-50 yards and not just that they are about 2 clubs infront of me.

Does any one have any advice on how i can gain more yards?

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It is hard to give advice without knowing where you loose power. 


This could be a starting point for you to read up: Maintaining the flying wedge

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You should probably start with a "My swing" thread. The primary reason good players hit it far is contact. They don't hit the ball off the toe or heel. It is absolutely essential to hit the ball in the right spot to achieve your optimal ball speed.

There a number of things that needs to be in place for this to happen. It'll be too general and unspecific to address the issues without looking at your swing.
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