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Custom shaft

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I played today with a guy with a custom shaft. He said his brother did it. It has his name on it and i dont know how to do that! An yideas on how i could do that?

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Laser engraving? Or painted?
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His wasnt either of those though!

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I'm confused now, how he had his name on there without it being engraved or painted. A picture would probally gelp
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Dont have a pic but it almost looked like he had letters cut out and taped on but it is okay for weather so i dont think its taped

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Letters cut out then place on with an expoxy followed by a clearcoat finish?
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WHere do i get a clearcoat finish?

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JoAnn fabrics? It would be no different than something like model car clearcoat
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Any sign shop could do it. Make sure they use premium automotive grade vinyl (meant to withstand car washes, weather and constant sun) it will last as long as you want it on there. Hundreds of color options, unlimited font or design options...

I have done signs for 17 years now. I was considering personalizing some of my own equipment. I have customized my waterfowl gun, my archery equipment... It all holds up well.
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Matrix did this for custom shafts.


My opinion is that if you imprint your name on the shaft so it can't be removed, you've shafted yourself at resale time. Instead, spend your money on a custom driver head cover. At least you'll keep it.

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Yeah I think that I will have my driver long enough that I probably wont sell it but I think thats a great point

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