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Driving distances and my 3w. Tips?

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So I'm not quite sure what to do at the moment. I have an rbz 10.5 driver stiff shaft, and I thought I hit it well. However I just purchased an rbz stage 2 3w and hit it the same distance if not further on most occasions. What the heck?

Is the new rbz just a monster club? Or do I need a lower loft on my driver as it does seem very high to me?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Driver approx 270-75 carry 280 roll on a crushed drive.

3w 260 carry 275 roll everytime.

Changed my distances to yards for you blokes.

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I dont see a issue, hit the 3w 275 and leave the driver at home.


Also, that sounds like typical internet driving numbers to me for 16 cap.

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Agreed. 275 every time, who needs a driver?
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or quit hitting your 3 wood so far...seriously, get to a launch monitor to check out your numbers. 

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If I was hitting my 3w 275 every time, I would for sure use it only. But I have noticed in the past that my 3w was close to my driver distances.....the biggest reason my driver started living in the bag more often.  

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I know my numbers may seem ridiculous based on my h'cap, but I strike the ball well enough, just no skill from within 100 yards. I had both clubs on an indoor monitor and that was what I got. 9* launch angle with 3w and over 15* with driver, I think that is where my problem lies. I just can't justify dropping driver after I just dropped so much cash on it ha. But I will start hitting 3w on tee shots into the wind as the distance GAIN is very noticeable. 


Cheers for the input.

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I know it happens, but 275 yards with a 3w regularly? My God. What I would give for that type of distance. Sometimes these stories are just hard to believe. I've played golf all over the world with all types of golfers. Don't think I've ever seen an amateur hit it 275 with a 3w?
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Well, it could be that my conversions are a little off, growing up in Aus I'm not that good on distance conversion to imperial, maybe I should look online.


These are my numbers from Metres to Yards on a converter, 


Driver average:    260m = 284yd 1.0184ft


3w average drive: 250m = 273yd 1.2100ft


So yeah, I mean I wasn't too far off, numbers seem more exact in yards I suppose. Cheers for the advice.

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