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So I am new here. I am also not the best golfer either but I am so addicted to the game. I just love it. My question is do they make a hybrid iron with steel shaft?
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Welcome to the forum.  The answer is yes.  Check out the Manufacturers websites and look at the specs for the hybrid.  You will see different shaft options.

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Thanks. I went to golf & ski a couple of days ago and all they had were graphite.
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Why would someone new to golf want a hybrid with a steel shaft?


You will  probably be sacrificing considerable club head swing speed compared to graphite. Which may most likely translate into lost distance.

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To stogiesnbogies: my swing speed is between 90 to 92 and that a graphite shaft is a lot harder to stay consistent with. I really like the weight. I have rented the Nike slingshots and love them but they don't make them any more. So I am trying to find a set of irons similar.
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at least that is what golf and ski told me about graphite shaft clubs.
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The nike slingshot hybrids can still be had new on ebay for about $35-$45.
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Hey Mrmudd....


Whatever works for you.....but my swing speed is between 85 and 90 and I love regular flex graphite shafts.....to each his own.

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Still playing 2,3,4-hybrids - Cleveland HALOs. Love them. Don't know what I'd do without them - all with steel shafts. 92 mph swing speed.
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yeah sure hybrids can be made with steel shafts.

However a hybrid is originally made to get the ball airborne more easy.

Because a graphite shaft is lighter it easier to do so. That is why you don't see

them so often with steel shaft. 

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The Callaway x-hybrids were available in steel. I bag the 2h, 3h and 4h. Definitely sacrifices distance, but they do act perfectly as iron replacements... Going iron distances...
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I wanted steel shafts when I started as well. I remember having V-Steel 3 and 5 woods with steel shafts because I liked the weight. I was use to swinging a baseball bat and if the club was too light I felt no control.


That was 12 years ago. Now I only have steel in my irons, 2 hybrids with graphite, 2 fairway metals with graphite and of course a Driver with graphite.


You can always re-shaft a club with what ever you want. I don't think graphite is harder to control though as long as you have the right flex. That's what matters IMO.

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