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2-3 Hours with a Pro or AimPoint Clinic?

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My employer offers a wellness reimbursement plan, and they include golf lessons.  I've already spent some of the money on a range pass, and I've been out 3-4 days a week hitting a couple buckets each day.  I have about $260 left to spend, and I was talking with the Pro about lessons, until I read about the AimPoint system here.


Right now, every aspect of my game needs help.  I have a friend who is a scratch golfer, and he's been giving me tips/advice for my irons on the range.  I'm getting better with the irons, but could still use help.  I have no confidence in my putting right now, and I'm tempted to take the AimPoint course.  I'm just curious if there's a general consensus around fixing putting or iron play first.

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Wait, your employer pays for you to take golf lessons?  Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I am super envious)


My vote would go towards lessons ... with the caveat that your pro is a good teacher.  (Somewhere on here there is a thread about which questions you should ask your instructor before you start taking lessons - you should search for it)


Aimpoint is great and I would never knock it (why would I - I use it!) but I would venture a guess that you are losing a lot more of your 15 strokes on full shots than you are on putting.


Further, Aimpoint only really helps with half of the putting aspect because it's all about green reading.  If you can't hit the putts where you are aiming or with correct speed, Aimpoint isn't going to do much.


That said, you won't go wrong with Aimpoint.  It's simple, its quick, and it works.


Maybe do both???????? c2_beer.gif

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Yes, my employer is awesome.  I would love to do both, but my wife has already agreed to let me get some new clubs this year, and I think spending a couple hundred more on lessons may be pushing it.  For some reason, she doesn't think golf lessons are as important as I do - maybe there's a thread about convincing wives of the importance of the sport that I haven't read yet.


I've never taken lessons, and I think they would be very valuable to me.  My friend showed me how to hit down on the ball, and now I'm hitting the sweet spot about 80% of the time (I get anxious and hit too hard or lift my head and occassionaly top it still), and it has changed my world.  My shots are flying longer and straighter, and I'm swinger softer.  I'm also loving this site, there's tons of great stuff here.

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