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My Swing (Albatross)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​  7 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 15 before I started lessons 3 weeks ago. Now, easily over 20

My typical ball flight is:  Fade/Slice

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:  Shank






My swing has completely fallen apart since starting lessons 3 weeks ago.  I was a mid eighties shooter before starting lessons. Right now, I literally can't do anything but hit shank or ridiculous over the top slices. My instructor has me focusing on getting weight on in-step of back foot because I was swaying a ton with my legs before. I started back up with instruction because I've always been a clean picker and I wanted to hit the ball correctly, taking a divot, and getting the proper distance and trajectory.


Here's an 8 Iron shot. My down the line view won't load correctly.  I can see that I'm lifting up a ton and coming over the top, but I would love some advice.  Any and all tips are greatly appreciated!



And here's a couple of ugly driver swings. You can see on the second driver swing that I hit it on the ground and dead left. Please help!

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No help?  Come on guys.  I'm struggling here.  

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I love your upper body form in particular during the back swing but I have no idea what is going on with your legs. Way too much going on down there I'm thinking. Knees bent all different ways, up, down, sideways. Tape some splints to that right leg, especially with the driver. (i don't claim to be a professional that's just the way I see it.)

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Honestly to me it just looks like you're ridiculously uncomfortable throughout your swing. It all just looks unnatural. Relax, take a loose grip. Really for me when I swing I get most of my power in my wrists by leaving them loose and "flinging" the club like I want to chuck it in front of me. You look like you're swinging WAY too hard, also. Back off a little bit. Start with those, try to make solid contact the majority of the time and then fight the slice.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys.  A lot of that makes sense to me.  Any other opinions out there are welcomed!

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