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Should hybrids match irons

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I did a search and didn't find anything that addressed this issue. I currently have Ping G20s steel shaft, regular flex. Looking to get a 3H and 4H. Is it beneficial to go with the G20 hybrids to match my irons? How about shafts - should the hybrids also be steel?

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Doesn't matter, they are never going to be exactly the same distance as your irons anyways.

I think most hybrids are graphite shafts like woods. My irons are all steel shaft, my hybrids and woods are graphite, no problems, love my set.
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Don't think I have ever seen a steel shafted hybrid... When I bought my set I got steel shaft irons and the 3/4H that came with it had stiff graphite shafts.


I would test as many hybrids as you can and pick whichever you can hit the best. You might end up back with the G20's but don't go in close minded. 

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Yeah, I haven't seen steel shafted hybrids on the shelf either, but I've seen other golfers with them on the course. I assumed that you should purchase hybrids like woods (buy what you hit best without regard to the brand of your irons/driver) but wanted to make sure that, since hybrids sort of replace irons, they don't need to match your irons. Thanks all.
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It all depends on whit kind off hybrid's you hit.

I carry a 2 iron hybrid and i've matched it with my woods.

But if your thinking about 3-4-5 hybrids i think I would like 

to have it fit my irons. But this is my humble opinion. 

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Depends on what type of hybrid you want.

  • Wood hybrids: These have a shaft length between woods and irons, and tend to be stand-alone makes, although they may have the same model name as an iron set. The Ping i20 3H has loft of 20* and shaft length of 40.25" | i20 3i has loft of 21* and a shaft length of 38.75".
  • Iron-replacement hybrids: These offer an alternative to long irons, are often have shaft length and loft about the same as the irons they are meant to replace. In the 2012 Mizuno line, the JPX Fli-Hi DLR (direct long iron replacement) hybrids were pretty much a match for the JPX 800 iron models. For example, DLR 4H and the JPX-800 4i both had loft of 23* and shaft length of 38.25".


If you're working in some wood hybrids, get some launch monitor or Trackman data to see which hybrid mix can best bridge your FWs and your numbered irons. Some fitters do what's called a gap analysis to determine which is the lowest numbered iron you can hit effectively. Then, they help you find hybrids to fill the gap.


Note: You can get steel shafts for hybrids, but it's normally a custom order.

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I don't necessarily match my hybrids to irons, but I do carry two hybrids I'd typically like to keep matched up for distance gap and trajectory consistency. 

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Originally Posted by mcmanus View Post

Don't think I have ever seen a steel shafted hybrid...

I have.

They exist, but usually in a "knockoff" brand. I actually quite liked the two I bought for a friend of mine {who is just starting out}.

I appreciated the assistance of the forgiving clubhead, with the flex consistency of a typical iron. I have regular flex graphite hybrids, and while I do like them, I definitely have some directional issues now and then.


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I remember there was a time when hybrids first came out, steel shafts were standard with graphite being the optional shafts.  And when people wanted to order the graphite hybrids, they'd get the question "why, aren't they hard to control enough?" That was the same time when all woods and drivers had steel shafted options. Funny how the industry changes and that was only merely less than 6-7 years ago.


I still do think that higher lofted hybrids 23* and up would be better off in steel shafts unless the rest of their irons are graphite.  They're actually easier to hit with steel for most since people those who struggle in mid irons to warrant hybrid replacements can really just let the weight of the club do the work for them.  It can actually help them get the feel of hitting down on them. 


But if you go to some other forums like golfwrx, everyone will jump on you if you mention steel.  They play a different game I guess, where they prefer hitting it 10yds longer over hitting more fairways and greens.  a1_smile.gif 

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Ok, so I've settled on either the Adams a12os or the Cobra Baffler T-rail. From an aesthetics standpoint I love the day glow yellow on the cobra. I also like the heavier head feel. From a performance standpoint, they're dead even.

Two questions:

(1) Is one of these two clubs better constructed or longer lasting?

(2) I have Ping g20 irons with steel shafts. Is a stiff graphite shaft in these hybrids equivalent to the regular flex steel? Also, FWIW, Golfsmith fit me for a stiff shaft in my Amp driver, but I was right on the regular/stiff border, and the thought was that my swing would get quicker with lessons (I'm a big guy).
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My hybrids match each other and my irons in grip and shaft but aren't from the same manufacturer.

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