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Callaway upro GPS

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Has any one had problems getting callaway to remap and upgrade the scorecard for there home course, I have tried since 2012 to get this done never had any reply from the support team wish I did not buy this GPS grr
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Had nothing but problems with the Upro and support (if you can call it that) was useless. I bought a garmin and love it.

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I've had one for a couple of years now.  In the beginning support was awful and loaded courses was a pain.  Now it's a little, very little, better.  But it is very unreliable.  It will just shut down for no reason mid round.  I have to pull the battery and restart it.  When it works it works well but it pisses me off often.  I carry my rangefinder as a back up but still prefer GPS. Would not buy from calloway again.

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Mine usually works, although I periodically get a golf hole where the numbers are clearly off - maybe the green moved or something? Two weeks ago, I was just outside of a 100-marked sprinkler and my uPro said I was 65 yards from the center. No way was I.


* I can't load courses via WINE (or any other Windows emulator in Linux/Ubuntu), despite a company rep saying I'd be able to before I bought it. As a result, I have an old Windows machine that I keep around and plug in when I need to load another course.

* Battery life - can't really play 36 in a day with it. If I charge it to full, it plays 18 easily though

* Hazard marking is kind of weird.

* Time is off each time. Seems to always start up at 11:38.
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I've had mine for almost a year.   Occasionally, it will not want to start up and I will have to take the battery out and reinstall.   Other than that, I have had no complaint with it and it seems to be very accurate compared to a buddy's laser rangefinder.


I have not tried to update a course though, other than the sync updates it does when I plug it in to my computer.

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