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Just getting back into Golf and Need advice.

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I used to play about twice a week while in college in the early 1990's and would consistently shoot in the mid 80's. Any way I had to get a real job and got married, had kids and I am now wanting to get back into the game. I have averaged about 6 rounds of golf a year for the past 3 years, and I am needing advice on the irons that I am using.  I am 6'4 and I am currently using a set on Ping Eye 2 Green dots with standard shafts. I hit the ball pretty well but am not getting a consistent loft on the ball, I seem to be also hitting the ball to the left as well.  I am hitting a Burner driver that is a couple of years old with a stiff shaft extremely well and averaging about 250 -260 and hit it straight . 


The problem I am having is deciding if my irons should be upgraded. Here are my optionsI am considering


1. Keep hitting the Ping Eye 2 clubs- possibly having 

2. Taking a set of Ping G2's ( like new) Black dot standard flex that a friend gave me and get them bent and reworked to fit my          swing

3. Buy a like new set of Titleist 710 ap1 irons from a friend they are standard length and lie for $200.00

4. Look to buy a new set of improvement irons like the Taylormade burner 2.0 or Nike mach speed.


I am really considering buying the Titleist irons they are nice, but really wondering if the Burners would be a better club overall.


Thanks for the help


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You're better off going somewhere and getting fitted. They'll be able to tell you what shaft you need and if you need any lie/length adjustments. That way you know with complete confidence what you need to do. 

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I have considered getting fitted to see what work I would need to get done.  I guess my biggest question is do the Ping g2 clubs compare to the modern game improvement clubs? Also would the Titliest 710 ap1 clubs be a better iron than the Burner 2.0? 


I am going to retire my Ping Eye 2 clubs and am just trying to find the best bang for my buck. 



Thank you


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I'd say the Ping G2s are comparable to both the AP1 and Burner 2.0. Both clubs are designed more for higher handicaps. I would doubt if you saw a huge difference between the clubs as far as performance goes. Best thing you can do is hit both and see which ones you prefer. 

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I would get the AP1 they are pretty sexy
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