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Grip size...

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So I was recently reading an article where they did a blind test basically, and it turned out that static hand measuring didn't actually work for grip sizing. So my question is how do you go about figuring out your grip size... besides just re-gripping your clubs constantly? I currently use midsize, but think they may still be small for my large hands... 6'5"... something like a 9" hand... used static measuring for these, but like I said, they still feel a bit small.
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Here is the article that got my brain cooking...
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Check out the grip size & fitting page on golfclubshaftreview.com.

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All I know is I used to love oversize and switched back to standard when I bought my new clubs this year.  They didn't feel bad but I recently changed all my clubs grips (mostly to get rid of that obnoxious Ricky Fowler orange on my amp irons) and realized midsize made a huge difference to me.


I hit some 7i shots and was getting about 160 on the launch monitor.  With the new grips I was hitting it 175 and it felt waaaay better.  I don't know if those distances are accurate because I haven't been to the range yet but I did play a quick 9 this morning and my shots felt much more controlled and I did see a little bit of a distance increase.


I would like to hear others opinions on this

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I have used grips that are 1/8" thicker than standard. I originally did this because I read that a thicker grip will minimize wrist action. Since I used to fight a hook, it made sense. I haven't played standard sized grips in years.

As someone may have eluded to earlier, one of the major golf magazines had an article recently saying that many golfer play with grips that are too small... I'm now waiting for that exact same magazine to say the opposite in one of their next few issues. It's amazing how those magazines do that...
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I like the Winn Dri-tac, Old Vi-17? ....I get them1/8" over size and they are like butter. They are stress-ball soft so If you need extra grip you just squeeze on down. However you do not get the feedback from your shot....

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