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Hi from Western Australia

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Hi all,


I'm the worst of the weekend hackers but seeing as I've been able to enjoy playing really horrible golf I figure I might as well try and see how I enjoy playing something a little more respectable.


I've played a little on and off over the years but gave it away after never really improving, I started again a few months back with a few friends and its been fun but after hitting a 126 which was shameful even by my standards decided it was way past time to put a bit more effort into the practice side of things. So off to a clinic and with the most basic idea of a golf swing got around in 113, I'll have time for a couple more clinics and rounds this year and so I'm really hoping to get the next round under 110 and go into the new year confident I'll soon be in double figures and playing something that at least resembles golf :-)

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I played with a bloke from Busselton Golf Club in September while in T'land. Great guy and like me loved the golf. We had similar games, both about 92.  I was surprised to hear him talk of the vineyards down there as i never knew WA was anything but desert and 'roos. Glad to know the reality. 

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Welcome aboard Welkin. This site as you may or may not know by now, has a TON of great info to help your game. 


Erik and Mike have videos that can help all facets of your game. Enjoy your stay.

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