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My Swing (Rap87)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 months

My current handicap index or average score is:  Over 100

My typical ball flight is:  Straight or Slight Draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:  Straight Left


Hey guys,  I'd love some advice.  I'm currently employing Shawn Clement's WIG style of learning, or trying to emulate the classic swing of Bobby Jones, Jack Nichlaus or say Tom Watson.  My issue at first was swaying which I think I have solved, but I'm currently noticing I believe a bit of a chicken wing on my swings even with contact feels great, distance is great etc.  I'm not quite sure how to fix it.  Also  I wanted to double check my right leg was correct as Shawn seems to be able to get his straighter than I do on mine.  Thanks so much for any advice!





4 Iron


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Here are some drill shots I was able to do that was recommended from WIG to fix swaying, if it helps in any  analysis:  


Drills with no ball



1 Leg Drill w/Ball


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Do the drills proper with slow methodical movements, you will progress much faster and better. 


Also, your head should not be moving around all over the place. I would work on the "Key" first before trying any drills that help with swing plane. Its tough to dial in a proper swing path into the ball when the focal point of all your perception of where the golf ball is during the swing is moving around (eyes).

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I appreciate the response, however I am a bit confused with the slower swing part in a sense.  I'm thinking if I try to swing slower I'm going to start using my muscles to control the swing by trying to be methodical.  At least with my backswing I'm just turning my hips forward and then tossing it up into my backswing hoping to let gravity take care of the rest...where I am accelerating is on the downswing to help it through, but only after i feel the slight pause and then it descending on its own...would you suggest trying to make an effort to say hit a 7 iron only 100 yards...that would take some pull out of the swing while still letting gravity do it, however I'm not sure what this is addressing as far as the chicken wing.


*My thinking atm is the chicken swing is being caused by subconsciously making the ball my target and I need to probably practice throwing a golf club to a target a few times to get the real feel, but unsure.

As far as my head moving, are you saying it's doing that in the swing or in the drill?  My head goes up from what I can tell but doesn't go left and right, I'm attributing that to the full hip turn?  

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This is the guy I've been trying to learn the basics from (slow mo of his swing at 4:30 :  


Not trying to challenge your or anything, you obviously have quite the handicap and are much more skilled than I am at the moment, just trying to tell you what I've been trying to emulate.  My issue first was "swaying" left to right in the swing, but it was my understanding from him some up and down head movement is fine but not any sway.  I am noticing though his right leg gets much straight than mine though...haven't figured out how to get that exact look yet..

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I guess for your drills there, slow isn't really an issue. Sorry about that. Usually for most drills, you'd want to move about half speed to really what you are doing. 


About your swing, the only comments I can make is that the ball position is to far back for a 4 iron. It should be just to inside of were your hands are at in the video if you pause it at address. 

Next time you take a video do a down the line view. I can't tell what is going on in your swing from a face-on only. I would recommend watching that ball position. Also you might want to consider flaring your feet out more, at least 20 degrees on the front foot. This is a guess, but I think you are arching your lower back. I can't tell from the view. I'd try to not do that, it inhibits your ability to turn the hips properly. It kinda looks like that is happening with that little lateral side motion that happens in the swing when the front foot comes off the ground there. 

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Thanks for the reply, I'll get a down the line view up soon.  

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Gravity doesn't play a significant role in any full golf swing.
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I can see as a beginner the choice of one instructor is going to be key, he spends most of his video talking about gravity and the swing, his qualifications being pga player and plays scratch golf both left and right handed.  


I'm not sure if its all just mental aides to get a swing whether or not its true or not but seems not everyone has the exact same idea of what the swing is.  I know there is a difference in modern swing vs classic swing but I figured fundamentals would be pretty set.  In any case, I can see this could be quite confusing as a beginner with different ideas/systems trying to advise going in different directions.

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Depends on what the definition of fundamentals are. If you are talking grip, stance, posture, that is not a fundamental because every golfer is different. Now if your talking about a steady head, weight forward at impact, flat left wrist at impact, then those fundamentals hold true. Now how does gravity play in on this, not much. You are talking about a 300-400 gram golf club. Wedges being the heaviest. So you got about 0.75lb to 1lb golf club. Lighter than you think really right? Gravity is not acting much at all on the club. So what is the primary factor in the golf swing, the human body. 

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Can we say there is some sort of "gravity" move from the top of the backswing to the hitting area?  I think this seems to be the concept Shawn and even Miller here is talking about but maybe it isn't as "gravity" as scientific gravity is?  I'm wondering if I'm trying to "kill it" too soon from the top and that's the chicken wing reason but will get that on the line video when I can here.

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Originally Posted by rap87 View Post

Can we say there is some sort of "gravity" move from the top of the backswing to the hitting area?


No. :-)


But let me expand on that… As a feeling then sure, and if you have good luck with it, go for it. Fred Couples for example has said that he's swinging as hard as he can from the top. It looks smooth because he pauses at the top, and everything kind of "gathers" together, but his muscles are working HARD.


For example, my backswing improved when I didn't feel like my arms were doing much of anything, but they still are. My right elbow still bends, my left arm still moves across my chest a little, etc. But it doesn't feel like they're doing anything to me (because previously they did too much). So again if the feeling of "just gravity" works for you, then great. But that's not the same as saying "gravity drops your clubhead to the ball" or whatever.


BTW, I love how Miller talks about Key #2 in Freddie's driver swing at the end. :)

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