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Golf Fix on GC

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Anyone happen to catch the golf fix on the GC last night..? I have to say, Micheal Breed is getting ...how can I say this...annoying I guess is how I would describe him. Also, was interesting how he showed how the weight shifting to the left side should be done ( kicking your calf) to the outside..? he said there shouldn't be any sliding at all.



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comment about Michael Breed or the calf thing? OK, both then....



Breed just drives me nuts and I simply find him unwatchable (hmm, I also feel the same way about Kelly Tighlman, Rich Lerner and that Gary dork on "morning drive"). I'm not criticizing, I'm guessing there are a ton of people how enjoy his hyper personality. It's just not my cup of tea and I exercise my right not to watch.


As far as the weight shift issue...no sliding, can't say for everyone, but if I slide I have a tendency to throw the club out and the pull it in hitting a screaming line drive pull. My advice is to just turn around your spine angle and let the momentum of the swing carry you to your left side naturally. But, you DO have to get to your left side.

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I'm not sure how easy it is to say he's 'getting annoying'.

Pretty much sure he started at that point as far as TV short clip lessons are concerned.


But I bet he's a great instructor in person, and his enthusiasm is fantastic.  But it's gotta be tough to take that to the McLessons they put on that channel and not be annoying or trite.  Same goes for the other guy too.  But these aren't lessons, these are short entertainment clips.

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Yeah, I saw it.   I noticed him saying the hips shouldn't slide but the left calf (for righties) should kick to the back and outside.  Thought that was odd..  


What got me even more though was his "power of 3" bit.   Jack gave him 3 things in his putting tips.   I can't remember all three but I do remember two were he had his eyes over the line and his shaft was always leaned forward.   Breed got the eyes part but then went off on a tangent.   He never mentioned the shaft lean.

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I never watch any of that stuff but in this case I wouldn't have had a clue what he was talking about anyway.


My left calf goes wherever my lower leg bones go and they go wherever my knee takes them.


Knee going "to the back and outside". Hmmm. No thanks. My knee is bad enough as it is.

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