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Protein Bars

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So I tried Detour Lean Muscle protein bars (Cookies 'n Cream and PB Chocolate) the other day.  They were pretty good compared to other protein bars I've tried.  However, they contain a large amount of sugar alcohols.


My question is what affect does sugar alcohols have on low carb diet?  Is it really as "no sugar/carb count" as they say?

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Sugar alcohols are a way to "hide" carbohydrate.  They are in fact similar in structure to glucose and other single-unit sugars (monosaccharides).


They do not contribute to tooth decay since bacteria don't like to eat them. 


They can in fact raise blood sugar levels but would be a compromise between high-fiber carbs and "refined" carbs. 



Essentially, you're getting the sweetness with less (but not zero) effect on metabolism and missing the potential hazards of artificial sweeteners. 


IMHO if you're on low-carb better snacks are handfuls of nuts.


Hope that helps

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