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China Open on Euro tour

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Now on in Shenzhen, next to Hong Kong. Hardly any USA guys, as first prize only half million US dollars. And China visa, needed to enter the Middle Kingdom, costs US140.

Leader after 2 days, Frenchman Levy shoots course record 62 on day two to get to -14.


Jason Duffner, enjoying a great appearance  fee, gets to even par after 2 days.  He has numerous players ahead of him. 

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Is that what a visa to China costs? I'm helping my stepdaughter get a visa to China for a trip in June. She's visiting Hong Kong too as part of her educational program, and I see this tourney is just tad north of that. No visa needed for Hong Kong I've learned.

I watched a bit of Duffner, Stenson, and Rumford (defending champ). Duffner was lucky to make the cut when he found is ball on his 18th hole. Pushed an approach way wide right, and hit a provisional from the fairway. They found it ok, and he scrambled for par to be right on the line, I think. I've never seen a provisional from the fairway to be honest. I have only seen from the tee.
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Who is the American lead broadcaster?? Wow, he doesn't fit the whole aura of this event (which is so international). He keeps pronouncing the leader as LEE-vee. Then abruptly changed to match the way the other British commentators pronounce the Frenchman's name. I love the style of the European Tour announcers, but this American is a voice I'm not familiar with. Maybe I'll come to like him over time, but he seems so shrill.

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