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Reducing spin on chip shots

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Have noticed, and disliked, the strong spin off the side, generally to the right side after the first bounce on the green. Aim is OK, ball flies true, bounces once and zips sharply to the right, usually.  Less often to the left side. But, if i center the ball and keep my hands/arms straight up and chip, no spin and ball bounces and rolls true. This with 46* wedge. 


There must be something going on with hitting down on the ball, 'compressing' the cover against the clubface and causing the ball to start spinning.  Like the  billiard ball when struck off center. 


But most  chipping instruction tell us to 'lean the shaft forward, ball back a bit, hit down'.  This makes much spin.  So I'm going for the center ball, no shaft lean and more of a sweep motion to reduce chip spin.           Make sense?  Any other ideas? 

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Chipping With a Putting Method
started on 11/10/13 last post 07/10/15 at 6:02am 49 replies 10714 views

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Stop cutting across the ball. Let the club hinge back to the inside more.

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Has to be an outside in swing to have the ball spin to the right. It not exactly like hitting a que ball since your club is still hitting the back of the ball. Your shot sounds more like a shot hit from the sand.
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I can put sidespin and underspin when I lob/pitch/flop

with bumps and chips the ball rolls forward

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My chips are straight back and thru, so I would have to work to put spin on it.
I can chip better than I can putt, which is sad. I spent 10 minutes today on chipping because I was stoning them, but an hour on trying to get consistent lags putts.
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Also, to put spin on a chip, you must be pretty wristy. Quiet those wrists down, and you won't put the spin on it.

I had someone come up to me a couple of days ago at the chipping green and ask me how I chipped the ball so close all the time. Weird, but I gave him an instant chipping lesson and it really helped. He was a scooper with his SW, trying to pick the ball to help it get up. Got his 9 iron and PW out. Got him to where he was making some nice smooth chips and actually needed to start reading the green because his chips were so nice. When someone "gets it", it a pretty rewarding feeling.
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