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Getting better with shorter clubs (still gotta work with longer clubs)



Recently my consistency with my shorter clubs has gotten better. 

7-iron down to the 54° wedge has been much more predictable... My distances have been very good for the most part...

I'm not fearing much from 75-160 yards... I hit it very well. I do have issues missing greens with 7 and 8 irons... But it's not by much typically. 

My longer clubs 4w, 3h, 4i, 5i and 6i need a lot of work... But that will come around soon I hope... If anyone has any suggestions on my longer clubs let me know... I'll get some video up so you can see if there is anything I can fix.



Nice blog and I relate to it a lot. I find that all the things I work on in my swing take time to transition as I get to the longer clubs, always. I think at least for me with my longer clubs I always get in a mindset of "I need to kill it!" which of course exacerbates whatever my swing flaw is and does me no good. 

In 2013, tour pro average approach average from 150-175 yds was 27' 8", so unless you're just massively missing greens, I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. I have this same issue -- ridiculous expectations of myself when playing. 


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I dread those days when my partial wedges all end up 20 feet from the pin. Lots of 8-inch final putts.


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I'm also getting better with the shorter clubs.  For me it's the wedges in particular.  Being shorter in length, and having more loft, both of those factors makes them easier to hit. imo


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