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Go Back to Your First Lessons

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I gave a lesson to a guy the other day who said he wanted to learn "how to play golf."

He was being sarcastic, as he's played golf for 40 years or so, has made many nice changes and improvements to his golf swing, and is playing quite well for his age. Despite this, his texts from the day before were of the panicking type.

I gave him a lesson. I wanted him to do two things. First, I wanted him to take his left shoulder down a bit more so his head didn't drift back and up during the backswing. Then, I wanted him to slide his hips forward an inch, two at most, further forward on the downswing. The former would clean up contact, the latter would bring the ball flight up.

Three balls in I'm hearing about how "ecstatic" he is. Ten balls in and I'd heard the word six or seven times. We switched to the driver. The success continued. We added the hip piece. The success continued.

Back in "the room" I drew some arrows and lines and measured some things in the video and made his before/after photos with notes. Then he said something which prompted me to  look at his first lesson about sixteen months prior.

What he saw didn't surprise me at all, but shocked him quite a bit.

He saw essentially the same arrows. The same lines. The same measurements. The same notes. :-)

He'd been working so long on his "latest piece" (all summer, really), that he kind of forgot about his "first" priority piece. That thing that will always tend to creep up on you and nag you. That thing you always have to watch for.

That's all.

Long story short, if you're struggling, look back at your old images and notes and videos. Odds are, you may just need to remind yourself of something you thought you'd licked previously.

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Thanks for the reminder.   My instructor has given me a notebook and videos and after going back and looking at them, I too, needed reminders from previous lessons.  

Valid point taken.

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Is it possible to have like 2 or 3 of those?  I swear . .I have these horrible tendencies that always come back when I let my guard down for a minute.  1.  I take it back too low and inside   2.  I lock my wrists up and 3 I lunge forwards at the target. 

I can *not* do all three of these things - but if I get nervous or if I take time off practice . .or even spend too long working on other things without "touching up" these aspects . .they come sneaking back in. 

The locked wrists is the easiest to detect - blisters.  The low-inside takeaway is next easiest just because it's my biggest, oldest enemy so I know to look for it.  The forward lunge is the sneakiest - a lot of times I won't realize it until I see it on video or come in for a lesson. 

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    • Just to update everyone who was kind enough to respond I am due to go for a wrist arthroscopy on 19th Dec.  There is a chance they still won't find anything to diagnose the problem but I am trying not to think about that as that would mean no more golf!   ps. I had 10 sessions of acupuncture and while it helped ease the pain after I aggravated it when last trying to hit a ball it didn't help with the recovery of the main problem (I went to the range after 9 sessions and it took only 6 PW/7Iron shots for the pain to return).
    • A) Thanks and I've already started squatting, just low weight right now but I agree, it makes a big difference. I don't know how to dead-lift so I'd have to get a trainer but I was thinking about this anyway. I might have to go start this as well. Thanks. B) cool, I will take a look and see what I think. Appreciated. C) Thanks man, it is just that, an experiment. I don't take it personally if some think it's stupid or wrong headed. I'm totally willing to be proven wrong. There is really nothing to lose trying and I really think I'm right anyway haha. 
    • Huh? Call a rule official. You cant start a new one, while reacting to the current one. Needs to be 12 hours in between. 
    • @iacas We have data though. I was a 13cap after playing for over 20 years as a righty with a good back. We totally have a base line. I am right handed and it obviously will be more difficult to play and learn left handed. I don't think anyone would dispute that. So if I get anywhere near my old cap after playing lefty for a two to three years I would say that's a huge success. It took me well over 10 years of playing to get down to a 14hc. If I can get near that in a few years with my physical limitations and obstacles I would say that's a huge success. I'd be thrilled if I could get below a 20 within a few years. I will not endanger my back for golf. I have said that several times already and I mean it. This thread could sputter out before it gets going if there are any signs of pain or discomfort.  The advantage of learning lefty is that I'll be able to control the speed much easier. I had a very fast swing speed ingrained for many years and could never lay off it like some guys could. I'll be training new neuro pathways in the brain and won't have to overcome the previous ones from playing righty.  I have no clue what my potential will be learning left handed and not hitting the ball far like I used to. I think if I were thinking of someone else doing this in my situation I'd say anything around 20 would be really good for this year. 
    • Hi, regarding the username I am not sure what happened. I think I may have logged in with my phone and might have used my google user name? Or its possible I might have made two accounts having forgot about one.  Maybe my phone saved that login information from a few years back? I am not sure but I bet that's it. I'm using my computer at home now so if it posts as Faksakes I"m betting that's it. As for the HC I have no clue what to expect. I might not get below a 30, I really have no idea.
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