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    • Day 168 ? Pitching, chipping, and putting practice today. My usual routine for the most part. Did something different with my putting. I played 18 practice pins, using only one ball. Difference was I hit every ball from the fringe. Nothing from the actual green. I did this to familiarize myself with that putting stroke.  I was 5 over.  (C+) Another guy was out there hitting 40 yard pitch shots. He was hitting everything pin high, and basically on target. He asked for some advice.  He told me he has a problem with balls running way past the pin on his pitch shots when on the course. However, when practicing, like today, the ball stops close to the pin.  His question had a simple answer. Balls roll easier on greens than they do in rough. His mistake was using a 40 yard club, for the 40 yard shot on to thick grass. There wss no green for the pin he was aiming at. That he should use a shorter club, and land the ball in front of the pin in these practice conditions. This would allow for a roll out to the pin, even though the ball stopping in front of the pin. He had a "smh" moment, but I assured him it's was a common mistake some golfers make when practicing.
    • That's a bit odd. I hope the numbers back him up, at least? If I fit everyone into my specs, I wouldn't help many people at all 😆
    • Lack of talent.  Seriously, I think I spent 2+ years figuring (still) out how to shallow the club, gifted folks have the figured out straight away.
    • For me ease of use of a gps golf warch beats a rangefinder any day of the week. I got a Garmin Approach S6 and it’s something I have a hard time playing without.  Just last week I was playing with a friend that had a rangefinder. He only pulled it out like 5 times during the round. I just glimpse at my watch, pull out the right iron and go... the only bad thing is that it will only do 18 holes on a single charge. It might do 2 rounds if you can manage them in probably something like 7-7:30. So while I don’t play multiple rounds per day I just need to make sure it’s fully charged when I go play.  Oh, and it keeps score, fairways hit, GIR and putts...
    • For the first time in 3 years, I was able to navigate the family calendar and get approval to play in my men's club championship. Round 1 was this last Saturday and there was literally something in the air that day. Much like Shinnecock Hills, the winds in SoCal were fast and furious this Saturday, which led to some really high scores. Of the 20+ participants in our flight, there was only one "red" number, which is pretty incredible when you consider that it's a net flight.  I shot a net 76 (gross 83), which puts me squarely in the middle of the pack. It was a disappointing result considering that I was playing some outstanding golf on the front 9, carding a gross 38 and birdieing the #1 handicap hole.  But as often happens, I found a way to put up a big number when I least expected it. I hooked my tee shot into the driving range on hole 10 and doubled the next ball, for a lovely 9. From there, I traded pars and bogies to complete the back 9 in 45 strokes.  On the bright side, I completed the "no sixes" challenge - save for my upside down 6 on hole number 10. Although I'm guessing that doesn't count. Rounds 2/3 are this weekend. Hopefully I can play a bit better. If nothing else, keeping the "WTF?" shots to a minimum will be an accomplishment. I'm usually good for a couple of those per round.
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