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This showed up in my Facebook feed this afternoon, and like most things, it made me think of golf. In particular, it made me think of improving and swing changes. 


I see it all too frequently. A new golfer hits a few good shots and thinks they have what it takes to play at a high level. I would be lying if said the same thoughts didn't go through my head almost 20 years ago when I started playing on a regular basis. I assumed that after a year or so of playing every weekend and hitting balls on the range once or twice a month, I would be ready to compete on tour. It didn't take long for me to figure out that it isn't that easy. I still figured that I could get to single digit handicap after a few years. Ummm... Nope. After many years and now only being a few years away from being able to play on the senior tour, I'm still not even close. It's OK. I still love to play, and I am a lot better than I was.

After many years, this is what I am learning the most. It takes a lot of dedication and many reps to change even a little something in my swing. I am not swinging until my hands bleed, but putting in a little time every day is definitely making a difference. For those of you who are REALLY interested in making a change and improving, take a look at what it takes to succeed. For many people, the winter months are almost here. Don't waste the next few months. Figure out a way to work on your priority piece inside and get to work.



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Nice post @CarlSpackler. I wonder how many folks over the years have taken up the game believing it would come easy.

It seems comical now, but thinking back to that first round, I'd hoped a high level of play would come "naturally". I'd teach myself, because I'm different than everyone else:no:. When progress was slow (surprise, surprise), I went to YouTube. Funny how many instructors end their little YouTube presentations with "If you do this drill", or "use this swing thought"..."I guarantee you'll be hitting more fairways" or "sinking more putts" or whatever.

Really, you guarantee it... what will you do if I don't?

After almost two painful seasons, I decided to get lessons. I remember being bummed because I had to break down and get professional help. The thought never crossed my mind that it wouldn't help me improve, only how much it sucked that my inevitable accent to single-digit golf would require that PGA Pro knowledge. Good instructor/poor instructor wasn't even on my radar.

It took a couple of years and several reality checks, but I slowly started to realize how difficult this game is and how much work it takes just to get to the level of being barely capable. I still get a kick out of instructors who believe they can "teach almost anyone to break 80". I guess delusion isn't reserved only for new golfers.

If you can't respect this game for the difficulty it presents (disregarding the marketing/business side of it) you're either really, really talented, or you've never tried to improve.

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A very astute observation.  I vaguely recall a story Gary Player told.  A man was watching Gary hit balls and said something like, "What I wouldn't do to hit balls like that."  Gary turned to him and said, "That's the problem, you won't do the things necessary to hit the ball like me.  I have hit balls for hours each day until my hands bled."  As with most things in life, investing time and effort yield results.  Golf is not an easy game.  

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Good Blog entry.

Very few of us have the time. I wish I did, I really do. Golf is a wonderful reprieve from the pressure cooker of life & responsibility. Of course it's more fun if you can stay in the short grass, as they say. But even bogie golf beats work :)

@JonMA1 I also hoped the game might come naturally. When it didn't, I went to YouTube for answers. When that failed me too I broke down and took lessons. I'm still taking lessons. They are frustrating but they are helping. 

When I started playing this game I had a very modest goal to break 100. No longer satisfied with breaking 100, now the bar is a little bit higher. I think that's a trend that never stops, even if you reach single-digit status, scratch, or whatever. Golf always dangles a carrot for players.

Circling back to the original point, if I suddenly came into a vast amount of money and free time, I would absolutely be out there practicing or playing 4-6 hours every single day. I'm lucky this time of year to get 4 hours of practice a week. 



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