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Diamond Resorts International



This past weekend, I won tickets to the Diamond Resorts International charity golf tournament. It is a celebrity/pro competition here in Orlando to benefit Florida Children's Hospital. It's an interesting event with competitors from the LPGA and PGA (senior tours) along with celebrities. Some of the the celebs were really good, while others (Larry The Cable Guy) were not. My son and I followed Larry for a while on Saturday and he made pars and bogeys. The wheels apparently came off on the back (front) nine. He certainly was entertaining though and a crowd favorite. Other celebrities included Alfonso Ribiero (Carlton from The Fresh Prince, Dancing With the Stars, and currently America's Funniest Videos), Blair o'Neil (TGC), Marcus Allen, Ray Allen (NBA), Jeremy Roenick (still looks mean as hell), and many others. You can see the full list of participants here

One of the things that made this tournament interesting was to see LPGA stars playing the same course and tees as PGA players and amateurs. I stood on the tee of #12 while some of the big hitters like Lexi Thompson and John Daly teed off. I've witnessed Dustin Johnson and other PGA pros unload on par 5s too, and I can definitely say there is a difference. It's also different to see how a pro plays a hole vs. the celebrity. I saw several of the better celebs hit into the 15th green with close shots, but they were past the hole leaving a downhill slider. Nobody made it. Compare that to the wile old pro Ian Woosnam who played one to short of the green and bumped it uphill to a foot past and tapped in. One of the pros landed the ball on right side of the hole where it kicked left and trickled right over to the hole and made the birdie. I think you can do this when you have better control over where your ball goes.

It was a fun event that I hope to return to next year. I am actually entered for an opportunity to play in this next year. I'm not holding my breath, but how cool would it be to share my experience between the ropes. Who knows. Maybe I can Git R Done with Larry.



Very cool, were you there on the last day? It looked a little wet out there.

I watched the last day on Golf Channel. Woody Austin shot a 59. What a gracious gentleman he is. I enjoyed seeing him interviewed afterwards.  


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1 minute ago, Kalnoky said:

Very cool, were you there on the last day? It looked a little wet out there.

I watched the last day on Golf Channel. Woody Austin shot a 59. What a gracious gentleman he is. I enjoyed seeing him interviewed afterwards.  

I was. Sunday was absolutely gorgeous and perfectly dry. There were a few light showers on Saturday, but they didn't last very long. 


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Sounds like fun. The LPGA holds an event 2 hrs from my house every year and I keep wanting to go to one just to watch the talent and the decision-making.

How you described the differences between the pros and amateurs and where they land their shots got me thinking. It reinforces how important the full swing is. At my level, an approach shot of any distance is about trying to get it to the center of the green. I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I'm flag hunting with anything beyond a wedge. But we do make decisions such as, if I'm going to miss, I want to miss short... or left, or whatever the situation calls for. With the pros, their target sounds like it's so much smaller than ours and they're hitting those smaller targets with long irons leaving themselves with birdie putts. 

We (amateurs) are always going on about how we landed a shot close to the hole and that we've seen the pros miss the same shot. It's more like we got lucky on those shots and they missed a lot less than we think.


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    • I know where I am relative to par, but can only generalize on yardages. I am not nearly that consistent, but am improving.
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    • Of course Paige is going to disagree with the suggested dress code changes. Paige is making money with her cleavage more than with her golf swing. Do not get me wrong, as male I love to watch her videos in skimpy outfits and such, so I am not complaining. In all honestly though, I personally can no longer take Paige seriously, that is the price you pay for using certain marketing strategies that are a little risque.  Regarding the outfits in the LPGA, Michelle Wie has pushed the boundaries a little. I went to see her in the Kia classic and her yoga pants were..how do I say it....distracting to say the least ...not to mention with her new swing and posture where she needs to keep her rear end as far out as possible it made watching her  golf swing a different type of entertainment. The rest of the girls however seem to be more online with the expected professional look and they were still fun to watch and appreciated as good athletes.  I do like the idea of keeping the ladies online with a professional look should be. Golf can be a fun family event and kids should not be expose to certain looks at an early age. 
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