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Tempo vs. Rhythm



People often confuse tempo and rhythm, or they'll use them interchangeably. I've almost surely done it many times to this point, but here is how I intend to try to use them starting now.

Rhythm is the ratio and tempo is the speed.

Good putting strokes often have a ratio of 2:1. Again, it's the ratio of the putting stroke. You can have a 300ms backswing or a 600ms backswing, each with a 150 or a 300ms downswing, and that's 2:1. Both strokes have the same rhythm.

The tempo is the speed of the putter head. Short putts and long putts should have close to the same time (which is why, for example, I like to have a 78 BPM putting stroke), but will have very different tempos. The shorter putt will have a slower tempo than the longer putt.


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I have been thinking a bit about this post since I’m really focusing on improving my putting until the season really starts over here. 

I have now added a metronome to my practice. 

Now on to my question - I have read multiple places that a number to aim for (although not absolute but it’s something I can quantify) is 600ms on the backswing and 300 on the downswing. 

Now reading this post and adding the 78BPM to the equation a beat with 78BPM is roughly 770ms so that doesn’t help me at all. If you wanted a 600ms beat that would be 100BPM exactly. But since it’s easier for me to count 1 - 2 on the back and then 3 on the downswing, to get that beat you’d need to set the metronome to 200BPM so one beat is 300ms. So you go 1-2 end of backswing and 3 on impact. But that 200BPM beat is just so fast that it makes me nervous. 

So right now I’m practicing with 100BPM and I go full backswing with one and the full downswing (till it stops on the follow through) on two. What are your thoughts on the way I approached it?

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It’s normally ~ 2:1 in good putting strokes.

There’s nothing magical about 600ms. If that was the time you wanted to take, from takeaway to impact, it’d be 400ms backswing, 200ms downswing.

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Hmmm... I've never actually thought of my putting stroke in that way, but... it makes sense.  

I have equated my putting stroke to a video game meter.  I know how far back I need to bring the putter head for a 10 foot putt, 20 foot putt, etc.  The problem is, I seem to pull a lot of my putts.  Perhaps I've been too focused on the 'where' of my putter head instead of the 'when' aspect.  


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    • Save your money and get a good unit. Sounds like you’re serious. The problem is your budget. Unfortunately, better units simply won’t likely fall to within your budget at this point in time. The mevo+ looks promising but the stickers would be a deal breaker for me. My set up is a gc2, computer with FR1 (with all courses), country club elite mat, projector, and hitting screen. I’m sure I’ve left something out. The only problems I have with the gc2 is the fact that it over-rewards low spin shots (like driver) on the carry distance. Otherwise, it’s very accurate. Really the only data points I care about are ball speed and start line; I don’t curve the ball too much generally. If my ball speed and start line are where I want it, I’m pretty happy. Other potential issue I see for it moving forward: it does not have a LED flash like the quad so those have to be replaced after a while (long time but still). That said my foresight guy gets me what I need and has taken care of me. 
    • The Ping G410 Plus sits open at address. My suggestion is to take your grip and hold it straight in front of you with the club face is square, then address the ball. Your push should then become a draw. 
    • Erik already told you what you need to do from a technical standpoint.  I think you're trying too hard and you're getting emotional while you're playing. I can tell from your post. Emotions can help you focus in some sports, but in golf they will absolutely punish you. If you let your emotions get the better of you, they will reinforce the negative and ignore the positive while you are playing. And once that starts you might as well pack it in for the round. You and I have been playing about the same length of time. I'm a 90s golfer. I don't know if I'll ever break into the 80s consistently. It's a goal, but the world won't end if I don't. You've put more time and effort into this than I have. The biggest lesson I learned was to play the game one shot at a time. Forget the last shot that you hit. It's gone. It's not there anymore. You have an entirely new situation in front of you. Look it over, figure out how to best play it, pull the club, go through your pre-shot routine, relax, visualize the successful shot, trust yourself, and swing the club. "What happens if I hit a bad shot?" you say. Laugh if you have to. You're not playing for a $ millions. The shot is gone. You have a new shot. It's the only way to deal with it without getting negative thoughts. Play within your game. Don't try to do what your game doesn't allow you too do.  You also said "an easy 6i shot". Now I don't know if you meant to take an easy swing with the 6i or it was a simple 6i shot. English is vague. If you meant the latter, you assigned a value to the shot. It's just a 6i shot. You either make it or you don't. Saying it's 'easy' and missing it means failure. Having it just be a shot and missing the green means you just missed the green. You have to chip or pitch on. No value to the shot. A former tour pro gave me this advice. And I'll mention, this is one of the most difficult things to do, but it can keep your head clear of negative thoughts through a round. That's all I have to say about this. YMMV.
    • 101, 49/52. Long track, 6100 yds par 71. Wet so no roll.  My long game is weak but what concerns me more is my approach and wedge game let me down today.  
    • Hi Warren,  I have not started working on adding drywall for my garage. Thank you for the tips on adding insulation and soundproofing acoustic panels. I plan to take 1 week off and start doing drywall mid November. I am in Southern California so heating is not an issue. I can use a space heater if needed.  Right now I am leaning toward Skytrak because it seems like it is better for simulator golf games. I don't plan on taking the device to the range. I will checkout the Golf Simulator Forum.
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