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Killer Invites!



I got a call from my friend on Friday with some awesome news. We have invites to play Valhalla and Firestone CC in the next few months. That's the good news. The bad news is that my game is a total mess. I have only played a few times in the last 2 months and haven't been able to break 90. I plan to enjoy the course and the day no matter what, but I would hate totally stink up these nice courses. I tend to pick up my game when playing a nicer track, but I just don't have the goods right now. Now that I no longer need to mow 2 times a week, I need to set up the net and get some work in. Usually at times like this, I would spend some quality time at Kittyhawk's 70-80 practice hole to tune up my short game a bit to help save some pars and bogeys. Since it is closed, I am looking for other options. I have only played 10 times this year, and all but 4 of those are partial rounds. I am usually sitting at 30-40 rounds by now, but that's the difference between having a membership to a course and not. Previously being in a golf league also got me out more. All of this COVID BS has me somewhat depressed too. Golf used to be an escape from life, but lately it feels like a chore. Time to snap out of it and go play!



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13 minutes ago, David in FL said:

Very cool!

Not just the invites, but also that they give you an “excuse” to get out and enjoy the game again!  :beer:

I hope I enjoy it, but I am somewhat prepared to be humbled.

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One of my most enjoyable rounds of golf was also one of my worst scores in the past decade.  I hope you enjoy the round and have a good score. 

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3 hours ago, Shindig said:

One of my most enjoyable rounds of golf was also one of my worst scores in the past decade.  I hope you enjoy the round and have a good score. 

Thanks. I've enjoyed getting hammered by Oakland Hills in the past, but I can easily see something in the 110s the way I am playing these days.

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The date is set. We are playing Valhalla a week from Thursday on Oct. 1st. I finally played a round this weekend. It wasn't too terrible after 2+ months without touching a club. I don't think there is much I can fix between now and then, but I wondered how much trouble I would get in if I set the net up in our family room, It's actually my drum room.

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