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Brother and the Team



Here’s a new blog post that I’m hoping to keep going. As some of you may know, I have a younger brother (he’s 14 now) who’s shown an increasing amount of interest in golf. He didn’t come to the course much with me in the summer, which I think is mainly because of the heat. He doesn’t like being in the heat for a ton of time or sweating a lot, which I tried to explain to him several times that if he ends up making the team, our coach is gonna want him playing tournaments over the summer.But now that it’s getting cooler, he’s starting to accompany me to the course more.

He just played nine with me today, and it wasn’t great, but not terrible. What I like is that he’s playing the white tees with me. He’s been doing that for a while, and he’s gotten quite used to it. The tees he plays usually depends on who he’s playing with. If our grandpa is playing, my brother will play the tees my grandpa plays, usually the gold/green tees (most of the courses I play go blue/white/gold/red or gold/blue/white/green/red). But if he’s playing with me, he’ll play whatever tees I play, usually the whites.

He wants to be on the high school team with me next semester, but he’s got a bit of work to do. We’re gonna have seven players this year, and only six are allowed to go to a match. We’ve got two guys who are shooting in the 30s consistently, and they’ve guaranteed themselves the top two spots. Then we have three (one of whom is me) who shoot in the 40s. Then there’s my bro and the coach’s daughter, who shoot in the 50s. She’s his main competition. I want to get him to the point where a 54 is an average/okay round for him, and his good (not great) days on the links are high 40s.

Right now, a high 40s score is a red-letter day for him, in the same way a 40/high 30s score is a red-letter day for me. A 55-60 is average for him, although that’s when I kept his score. He asks me to keep his score, but then he makes a seven or eight on the opening hole and tells me to stop keeping his score. Technically, he can pick up at triple bogey, because we play triple bogey maximum in every match except for regionals (and states, if we get that far).

So here’s what I’m thinking: I know my mom and dad want him on the team too. My teammates and coach want him on the team. I want him to come to the course with me once or twice a week when I go. Sometimes when he wants to go but doesn’t want to play, he’ll practice while I play. He doesn’t have to play all the time, and I don’t want him to feel that way. But when he does play, I want to keep his score just to monitor his progress. I just want him to come to the course with me and at least practice. This is his only chance to really get to know the other guys. Apart from me and the coach’s daughter, the other guys are seniors. The coach said he’d be willing to coach just the three of us in my senior year, but I’m not gonna put a lot of hope in that just yet.

So what do y’all think I should do? I think I’ve got a pretty good plan, but I want to know what y’all think. I think we could get him ready in six months.


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Oh brother!  He's a North Carolinian... you play in the heat.  I grew up in St. Louis.  If you want to play golf you've got to play in the heat and, in the Spring, you've got to play in the wind.

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1 hour ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Oh brother!  He's a North Carolinian... you play in the heat.  I grew up in St. Louis.  If you want to play golf you've got to play in the heat and, in the Spring, you've got to play in the wind.

Which is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell him all this time!! If he gonna be on the team, he’s gonna have to play tournaments in the summer, by the coach’s request. He hasn’t been listening to me that well. He probably practiced twice all summer, and even that was for only half an hour or so. To his credit though, he came out and played with me today. Scores to come later tonight! 

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    • I have it in both hands. Right now its not limiting me in anything other that being able to lie my hands flat on the ground, as in a push up position, which I avoid. I use my knuckles. I did switch to midsize grips, which seemed to help a bit.  I have talked with my hand doctor and there are several types of procedures including using a needle to break up the tissue. However, as I am also a guitar player, I am reluctant to go that route until necessary.
    • So you’re right, had it been the left side that was involved, it would be even worse in my estimation. But, in my anecdotal experience, people that have any sort of intra-articular fracture of the talus tend to subsequently have disproportionately higher levels chronic problems with pain and function as compared to isolated medial/lateral or bimallelolar fractures. But we can certainly keep faith alive: That article doesn’t share the extent of injury to the talus or whether or not the fracture was involving the joint surface (it’s possible to have dorsal side avulsions off the talar head which are generally benign we are obviously all speculating as none of us have the crystal ball, and Tiger, while always aging like the rest of us, is clearly unlike us with his access to the very best of treatment options that most people would not have under standard health insurance benefit restrictions (example: most health insurance carriers won’t cover bone stimulators unless it’s been 90 days s/p injury, but I’d be surprised if Tiger isn’t going to be using them by week 2-3. When I was at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, we were using them on simple stress fractures as soon as it was definitely diagnosed as money was no object.) Tiger is human, but in many ways, Tiger is superhuman...I mean only a tiny percentage of guys on Tour ever get a win, and of that subset, only a tiny percentage win a Major, and of that subset, only a few win a Masters; Tiger won a Masters at 43 (?) and after numerous surgeries...he’s still superhuman in my book. 
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    • It’s likely a result not a cause. I can’t say much of anything without video.
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