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When Are You No Longer a Beginner?

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On 6/29/2019 at 9:01 PM, Piz said:

You cease being a beginner when you meet one.

...and start giving him or her advice! 😁

I'd say you are no longer a beginner when you begin to have some idea of what you're doing out there. You know your yardages, so know what club to pull. You can read a green halfway decently, and have some idea of how hard to stroke the putt. 

It's also when you understand some of the etiquette of the game, and the rule book. You're not unduly holding up groups behind you through your poor play. Although I might have qualified as a beginner this past week when I absolutely butchered the 17th! If there had been a group behind us, I would have held them up. I hate doing that! I also hate being held up. 

I also think being interested in better equipment than what you currently have enters into it. It doesn't have to be brand new, just new to you. I have some new to me stuff in my bag. Bought the TM 3.4.5 Rescue hybrids off my buddy who couldn't hit them. I love them! Also traded him my TM A Wedge for his old Odyssey White Hot putter, which I absolutely love! He had the biggest Super Stroker grip on it which did not fit me. I had it re-gripped and am putting the best I ever have in my entire life! 

And as far as who tees off first. we've done the throw the tee in the air thing. Most times, if guys are hem-hawing around, I'll just step up and say, "I'll go first." Nobody ever minds. 

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On 7/6/2019 at 10:05 PM, Double Mocha Man said:

I have not heard that.  I'm thinking of trying an experiment with my friends.  To not jump up and tee off first.  I'll just linger to the side.  After about 5 minutes of inactivity the course marshal or starter will probably come up and inquire if we're waiting for our gallery to arrive or if rigor mortis has set in.




Well over here in tournaments the starting list is always in low hcp to high hcp so the starter will call the names in that order. 


So we also start that way in casual rounds. So we perceive it more like an honor and not something to be avoided. 

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    • Hi,  I'm a woman, 6' tall. It's all about swing speed, what feels good, and how well you can control it. Rogues are on sale right now and they're a good driver. I assume that's your reason for choosing them. The men's Callaway Rogue driver is 45.5". The women's is 44.5". But there really is no standard. It's all about what works best for you.  I play a Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic and cut the shaft to 44.5" for control. I use a "men's" R shaft because of my swing speed which is in the low mid-90s.  If yours is in the range of 80 - 95 you can use a Regular flex shaft. If it's in the 75 - 85 mph range you can use a men's light flex shaft (they don't call it senior anymore... lol because people don't want to feel old). Women's flex is for speeds below 75.  You'll find this out when you go on a launch monitor at the golf shop. You'll do this before you buy the club, right? Make sure you're fit for the club. Here's the deal, if the 45.5" is too long, you can always have the shaft "butt cut" 1". It will make the club feel lighter to swing but won't reduce the mass of the club head at all. You do not have to add lead tape to the club head and bring up the swing weight. But before you do that I'd wrap some electrical tape around the butt end of the grip about 1/8" thick with the bottom of that 1" down from the end of the grip. Then take it to the range, maybe play a practice round or two with it and see if you like that. If you liked it better longer, it's easy to remove the tape. 
    • This isn't poor etiquette. It's common sense. The only time this is an issue is if you strike when someone else finally decides to strike at that same moment after 30 practice swings. Then it's your fault for sure
    • Most golfers select a SW for the bunker conditions they face most often. Then, you can make adjustments for the odd course you play. If you normally have firm sand and play a course with soft sand, you can still get it out if you have good technique - you may not get it as close. It's about trade-offs. Not that many amateur players have a second SW with different bounce.
    • In high school I learned with the interlocking grip which was never comfortable for me.  Years later after reading Hogan I switched to the overlapping grip.  This took a year or two before I was comfortable, but still felt better for me. My hands are about the same size as "The Golden Bear's" which is average to small.   As I got older, I wasn't comfortable again so about 10-15 years ago I switched to the ten finger grip. Now in my mid-60's, this is very comfortable for me. Each change took a year or two before it felt natural.  Enjoy the progress of your adjustments.  There are other changes too as we get older, strengths, injuries, flexibility, aggressiveness, etc that require us to make modifications in how we play this great game. 
    • ??? A local high school coach who was once a 5 index golfer would say that. I hope that was some sort of typo or something.
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