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Help pick which set I should play with

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Hi everybody new here and also new to golf.

Long story short is I have 3 sets of irons I've managed to buy second hand

Which would help a beginner better 

I've used all three at the range and bought a zepp device and manage to get better club head speed on the powerbilt 


1.Callyway big Bertha 1996 graphite irons

2.Powerbilt Grand slam (oversize) but big Berthas are larger

3.Howson GBH Aggression

All cavity backs.


Currently trying to find a newer driver also 

Currently have an cobra S3 and Nike sumo sq but absolutely slicing to the right everytime




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I am not familiar with the Powerbilt or the Howson GBH irons so I can't comment of those but the Callaway big bertha were and are a good clubs. What shape are they in? What clubs do you have, i.e., 4 through Gap wedge? Do you use a hybrid?

As for the driver, I play Cobra driver and woods and love them, I do have an S3 that I take out every now and then, it is a good driver, IMHO. Your slice comes from your swing not the club. I might suggest some lessons to help hit the big stick.

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Hello and welcome to TST. As far as knowing which clubs would help you the most, that’s a tough one. Being new to the game you really just need to take what you have and get some lessons in. You can always mix your clubs up and play the ones that feel best to you. If you’re young and swing hard the graphite Callaway irons may not be best for you. You’d probably do better with steel shafts. Personally I’d sell all of them and look for used set of SGI irons (Super Game Improvement) irons maybe 3-4 years old. Ebay has plenty of sets you could find.

You can even post a video of your swing in the ‘Members Swings’ thread and get some free and excellent advice. Cheers.

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Of the three iron sets I would probably go with the big bertha.  What you should look at are a decent driver, a fairway wood (4 or 5 probably) and a hybrid (from 2 to 4 depending on what you can hit well.  Also, see if you need some decent wedges.

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