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Distance Is Key - Average Money vs Driving Distance graphs

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2 minutes ago, klineka said:

Just because you (or anyone) can hit it 240-260 doesn't automatically mean you will be better than a bogey golfer, there is obviously much more to golf than just the tee shot. 

But what hitting it 240-260 instead of 180 should mean for you is that you will be hitting 6-7 clubs lower into greens for your second shots. On a 360 yd par 4 you'd be hitting driver - wedge instead of 4 iron - 4 iron. You have a significantly greater chance of getting a GIR with a wedge from 100yds than you do with a 4 iron from 180 yds. 

So it means that your GIR should increase, your proximity on your approach shots should decrease, more looks for birdie, etc which should all ultimately lead to lower scores.

Notice I said "should lead to lower scores" because obviously if you thin half of those wedges over the green, chunk a bunch of chip shots and 3 putt half the greens, you won't be better than a bogey golfer even if all your drives went 250 and split the fairway.

I have been practicing heavily (4 range days, and 3 rounds in the 8 days) this week and plan on continuing. 111 three weeks ago, 98 last weekend (first 100 break), 92 yesterday, 96 today (1000 yards longer course than yesterday). I guess what I am saying is all other things being level an extra 60-80 yards off the box should equate to at least a 90 break soonish (as long as I can keep driver/wood in bounds).

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Hitting it long will save your butt.  For me, it hides my weaknesses in my long irons.  I rarely need to pull a 4 or even a 5 iron if I am stroking the driver out there 280-300 yards...at least at the courses I play.  In fact, I dumped my 5 iron recently and instead I have loaded up my bag with a myriad of wedges.  Reason being, I am not trying to "score" so much when I have a 4 or 5 iron into a green.  At that point I am just trying to get anywhere on the green or near it so I can save par.  However, When I am 160 yards and in; I am thinking about molesting the flag. 

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