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The front 9 at our local course is closed for over deeding. The back 9 is open for business. Big signs stating "FRONT 9 CLOSED", plus the counter guy lets folks know when paying their fees. 

A foursome in two carts go off the front 9 anyways. While they are in the fairway hitting their 2nd shots, another 2 cart foursome drives to the first tee. Obviously these people were either lost, or what ever.....

The course ranger sees all this, and takes off after these 8 lost souls. 

I am on the practice green putting as the ranger drives by with 4 carts following him. 

A bag of clubs falls off the back of the 2nd cart. They don't realize it until I yell out to them. 

The 3rd cart driver is not paying attention, and runs over the bag, spilling more clubs out. 

The 4th cart driver, I guess was really not paying attention, not only runs over the bag/clubs, but also rear ends the the cart in front of him. 

All 5 carts were going pretty fast from what I could tell.

Myself and the two other guys on the green stopped what we were doing to see how this snafu is going to pan out. 

There are some loud, harsh words exchanged. The bag owner is not happy. Some clubs are bent. Wants payment for damages, as another guy, using just as loud, harsh words is telling him he should have tightened the strap properly.

The ranger is only concerned about cart damages, as is a manager who was called to the scene. He has to deal with some cracked front end fiberglass. 

We folks on the green, watched this go on for about 10 minutes, before leaving the practice green. We looked at each figuring this was pretty good entertainment for a Sunday........

In My Bag:
A whole bunch of Tour Edge golf stuff...... :beer:

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Note: This thread is 1538 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I'm not sure who we are referring to here. But that doesn't at all seem out of line.  Today in America it's pretty common to have to pay out about half of your gross income in taxes. This is when you include Federal, State and City Taxes. Plus sales tax, capital gains tax, marriage penalty tax, luxury tax and property tax. Many Americans pay more than half their income in taxes if they live in a high tax city or state. Or if their income is especially high. Where my wife and I live, for example, our Property Tax Payment is getting close to about twice our Mortgage Payment, and that's not really uncommon.  The idea is to offset at least some of these taxes by investing a chunk of what you earn. If this guy you are referring to, made a couple of not great investments, he may not have much that offset these taxes. He may also have purchased something like a multi-million-dollar home which has, for what ever reason, gone down in value. Or perhaps he is in the process of starting up a business venture that hasn't taken off yet.  Here's another way to think about it. Estimate how much money you've earned in your career. Then take a look at your net-worth. This guy's net worth is about 44% of his earnings. I can tell you our household's net worth is not near 44% of our lifetime earnings. Plus, this guy may have had to pay a percentage to a caddie, and/or an agent right off the top.   
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    • When comparing money across decades, keep inflation in mind. $100 in 2003 is worth $165 in 2023 according to this. There's also more money in sports in general today than before. The LIV players are still ridiculously overpaid with money coming from oil.
    • Day 12: Continued backswing mirrorvision work, did some full swing with balls, and a fit for golf workout. Elbow pain is gone, except for the motion of picking up my golf bag. Gonna try to restart stack next week. 
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