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Private Club Dues RE: COVID-19

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I belong to a club in the UK. Our renewal date was 1sr April, which I had already paid. Next years renewal will be in line with when we start again this year. Like the USA our death toll is rising by the day, although the curve is flattening. We have no idea when the lock down will finish. Other than the obvious, this is creating all sorts of problems  in our society. 

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On 4/6/2020 at 1:48 PM, klineka said:

Are there really that many non profit private clubs? 

Even private clubs that aren't owned by a big corporation would still presumably have owner(s) that want to make a profit, right?

Yes. Here in the UK the majority of private clubs are non- profit organisations. ( and community based)They are owned by the members and they can produce income and could even theoretically run at a profit. However these clubs benefit from tax breaks which preclude any disbursements back to the members. 
Any club which operates under this tax system can therefore use income to reduce annual subscriptions but cannot provide a dividend. In practice this means membership of a decent golf club can cost from as little as £400-500 pounds per annum.
I pay £660 a year. 

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15 hours ago, FlyingAce said:

1. Nope. I have never asked anyone to play. The guys always ask me how I have been playing and they keep track of my hcp too. 

2. People like to gossip and I don’t want to get involved...

3. The XR is my first driver and have been through alot! I changed to a M5tour last season and absolutely love it. I had it in the shop and couldn’t pick it up before they closed, so I am back to the XR until who knows when. Yes, tried the Flash and couldn’t hit it at all. No on Mavrik. Tried SIM and I was getting similar numbers as the M5 so I think I will stick with that for now.

1) So let me understand......you have a group of guys that track your progress....yet they have never asked to play golf with you???.....WTF....SMH.....there must be really strange people in NM.

2) What you have a lot of Koreans at your club?🤣🤣.....we use to play golf with a really nice Korean lady....she didn't like to play golf with Koreans, except with some of her GF's, because she said Koreans gossip too much.....sure enough just 3 months ago a friend (who also knows this Korean lady) was a single and joined 3 Koreans...they started to chat and then these Koreans knew this lady and started to gossip about her to my friend...and this Korean lady moved back to Korea 5 years ago.......and we wonder why K-Drama is so popular....LOL.

3) I forgot....you did mention previously you had a M5. I bought a M3 Last August and really like it too.....I think the Twist Face helps....and if you put a bit of water on the face.....you can see the ball impact without the need for impact tape. Yes, I doubt you's achieve more ball speed from a SIM vs. the M5. 

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