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@Adam C

I was going to buy a set of these irons. The seller checked the build specifications with Ping. They sent him a report from 2018 stating +1” and a swing weight of D5. Seeing as though these clubs were from 2014, I’m guessing that someone returned them to Ping to be reworked? The standard swing weight on these clubs is listed as D0.

Does this sound like a logical explanation? It looks like I’m going to have to buy new clubs fitted to me. Where is a good place, or person in Wisconsin who does this?



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One inch extra will give you about 5-6 SW points assuming nothing else was changed with head weights or grips.

Sorry, I don't have any tips on where to go for knowledgeable building/fitting up by you. Maybe someone else here will have a recommendation.

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@Adam C

I passed on the G25’s and tried out a set of G30’s. I put a impact label on the face of the 7 iron with a circle dead center in the face. If I divided the face into four sections, all of my shots were in the lower right hand section of the face. Most of them were in-between the center and the hosel, with none of them hitting the hosel.

Would this be a fitting issue, swing issue, combination of both, or something I should just live with. I did go out with them and hit about 100+ balls. They did function much better than my normal.

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On 9/26/2020 at 12:31 PM, CharlieB said:

@Adam C

FWIW just typing the @ sign doesn't tag the person or mention them (with a notification).


You have to select their name from the list.

@Adam C will be notified, now.

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    • I’d like to see this evaluation done with the Mevo+. I’d like to know how the horizontal launch angle and spin axis compares to GC4. I do know that for the regular Mevo, the data I get hitting into my net is very similar to what I see in lessons with GC4. Hopefully they get to it at some point. One thing about TXG guys is that I can’t tell how sincere they are - don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the content they create, and watch many of their reviews, but I haven’t ever seen them outright say something sucks, which makes me a touch skeptical of their motives.
    • I thought I heard them say that they'd be doing more launch monitors. I'd guess Mevo will be one of them - if I heard correctly.
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    • Day 75 - More swings inside, really focused on the first part of my takeaway.
    • They did do this in an episode, and I believe Mike shot -2, the differential was like 1.9 though. One thing that was brought up to them by a playing partner was it's one thing to carry a 0.0 handicap at a home course, but another thing entirely to do it at a larger group of courses. They said "that makes sense" "good idea" etc., but did not stick to that plan either.
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