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What Do You Do for a Living?


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University student (Electrical Engineering) at Ecole de Technologie Superieur (ETS) in Montreal
Boom Stick: 907 D2 w/accuflex The juice
3 wood: 909F2 w/Fujikura Motore F1 55
Hybrid: 909H 19* w/Fujikura Motore F1 80HB
Irons: 2010 AP2 (3-PW) w/Dynamic Gold S300
Wedges: Spinmilled 54*, 60*Putter: 2002 Studio Design 1.5Balls: Pro V1Range Finder: Pro 1600Proud Member of Piranhas Golf Team Ecole de...
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IT Program Manager for global ERP systems and any and all systems related to ERP systems. I am responsible for Business Process Modeling, Engineering and Improvement.

MP-67 3-PW
905R, 906F
i-Mix FT-i Tour 9.5 w/Fubuki Tour Shaft
Hybrid V1x T-1000 Travel Case

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Tech support.
driver sumo2
3wood dymo2
putter Z
wedge 56* SGS, 60* SGS irons 3-GW, UT1000 invector blades, dyna gold s300, karakal gripsâGolf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening - and it is...
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Hi everyone, I work at a Ford dealership here in the Kansas City Metro area, I also work as an independent agent for PrePaid Legal services. Try and play golf as much as possible when the weather allows.
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Tax Accountant. This time of year is crazy for me, but I'm pretty happy because I've already been golfing once and already have plans for two other trips. Last year I got in none during busy season so I'm really looking forward to it.
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I work as a drilling fluids specialist in the oil and gas industry. This job is why I picked up the game as we take clients golfing on a regular basis. I guess you could say I started golf for work but quickly became hooked and I joined this forum to learn as well as have others with the same passion for the game as I do to share things with.

My only problem with golf is that I am usually standing too close to the ball............ after I hit it.
In my bag

Ping G30 Driver

Ping G25 3 wood

Titleist AP2 3-PW

Edel wedges

Edel putter

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I'm into ISO certification sevices


In my Mizuno Bag:
TBD, MacGregor 4W(16*), 3H(20*),4H(23*), 5H(26*) Mizuno MX-900 6-PWAdams Watson 2010 Wedges (GW, SW, LW),Ping Wolverine Putter "But I thought you meant these golfers from our club when you said you needed SANDBAGGERS to help with the flood...

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Colin Smith. Student currently. 16 years old, and an avid golfer.

Live, Breath, Golf.
My Home
FT-3 8.5* Driver
2i Hybrid 3i Hybrid 55* Wedge 60* Wedge PutterWhen Tiger puts spin on the ball, the ball does not hit the green and then spin back, the ball hits the green and the world spins forward.

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Construction, Laborer; yeah, i'm that blue collar guy : )

In my bag, I carry
Karsten 7* IST 3wood 1200LT 5wood
MP-14 3i-PW
MP-Tseries 56-10 RawHaze
Golfsmith Attack 60-10 DeepRed Fluid Feel putter w/fatshaft proV1's when I can afford 'emCourses I love to play: http://pebblecreekgolf.org/ http://www.byronhills.com/ http://www.golfmohr.com/http://ww.....

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I'm a Software Business Analyst for a major software outsourcing firm in Vietnam. I talk to clients to elicit requirements for software solutions. I will then write the specification documents to the development team can go ahead and design the solution. Before that I lived in Texas for a while, graduated from Texas A&M; (WHOOP!!!).
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Comcast Tech...Mostly Commercial

.........In My Bag........
Driver = FT-IQ Tour
2,3,4 = Iron/Wood = Bazooka Jmax

Putter = T.P. Mills
Irons = A4 OS..Wedges = Pure Spin..Cart Bag = .....Stand Bag = Bennington

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Greetings from Ohio! Spring has finally hit and I'm ready to hit the course! I've been spending some lunch hours (I'm in IT Admin for a large financial advisory firm) at the range and ready for leagues to begin as well. This is my 6th summer playing and I've whittled my handicap down to 14.6.
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This looks like a great board and people seem helpful. Own a real estate company in the Houston area. Played for 11 years took a 5 year break and started playing again last month. Now I am on the course once or twice a week.

Driver - FT-iQ
4 Wood - G10
Irons - MX-200
Wedges - 52,56,60
Putter - Bettinardi Ball - ProV1Bag - HooferMy Course - Magnolia Creek Golf Links

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