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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I work construction and do part time security work. If I am lucky I have a day where I have to pressure wash about four houses so that gives me a chance to hit the links.
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Traffic Engineer

"A good conversation is not designed to win the argument. It is designed to enjoy the exchange."

Matt "Dough", P.E.
 fasdfa dfdsaf 

What's in My Bag
Driver: :callaway: GBB Epic,  3-Wood: 
:titleist: 917h3 ,  Hybrid:  :titleist: 915 2-Hybrid,  Irons: :srixon: (4-PW)
:edel: Trapper (52, 56, 60),  Putter: :edel:,  Ball: :snell: MTB,  Shoe: :true_linkswear:,  Rangfinder: :bushnell: Tour V2

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Hi all,
Just joined the forums after reading some reviews on the main site. I'm a systems engineer in California.
Bag TM Micro Lite|Driver TM r7 LTD|3W Titleist 906F4|Hybrid Callaway FT3|Irons Titleist DCI 962 Black|SW Vokey Spin Milled 56°|LW Cleveland Byron Nelson 50th - BeCu|Putter Rossa Indy Tour|Ball ProV1
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I drive around in a big brown truck.

You know, the ones that deliver your new clubs on a Monday.
.: SQ Tour Carry | SQ MachSpeed 9.5˚ Driver | SQ MachSpeed Irons | To Be Continued...
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    • I still remember flying one over the apartments to try and drive the green. Not sure what course that was at. But that trip was definitely a lot of fun! I wonder if @bkuehn1952is healed yet from that butt kicking. 😉
    • I quit golf all the time. Usually when I’m playing poorly around the 14th hole 😃 I don’t think I’ve ever actually quit playing golf. I’ve taken breaks here and there but that’s not really quitting. I’ve taken several weeks away from golf at times for various reasons such as injuries, work/life obligations, and being mentally burnt out from trying to hard to improve my swing. I’ve come to learn that my enjoyment of the game has evolved over time. I used to think that I’d enjoy it more if I played better, but it’s all relative. Whether you’re a 5 or a 25, you’re going to hit good shots and poor shots relative to your own abilities and standards. Today I might be displeased with a shot that I would have been happy with ten years ago. And ten years ago, I would have been ecstatic shooting a score I’m not happy with today. I’ve learned that the process of improvement itself is what I enjoy, but it hasn’t made my individual rounds any more enjoyable now that I’m shooting scores 10-15 strokes lower than in the past. I’ve also discovered that I like golf course architecture and learning design aspects. I’m not particularly knowledgeable but it still adds an extra layer of enjoyment while playing. And the last thing but certainly not the least is being a part of this community and having been to various outings, I’ve met a bunch of great people and had great experiences. Golf is much more fun with friends than by myself or paired up with strangers. 
    • Yeah, I get there every year, or more, but it still seems like yesterday that we were all together, relative strangers for a day, good friends just a couple of days later.  This year, I'll be spending 3 weeks at Talamore, 1 week with a group of guys, the second week for Thanksgiving with my wife, and then staying another week in order to attend the USGA Rules Workshop at Pine Needles.  I'll be interested to try the Top Tracer, and to see the new short-game area at Talamore.  
    • It only seems like about a month ago...oh wait, cause I've been going every August since then. 😉 We moved our annual Myrtle Beach trip to Talamore because of how awesome this event was and have not looked back. https://coachjimsc.wixsite.com/talamore2022 Also Talamore has added Toptracer to the driving range and our group was picked to be the first guinea pigs. Talamore Golf Resort (@talamoregolfresort) • Instagram reel Talamore Golf Resort shared a post on Instagram: "📅 Opening Day 📅 Toptracer range officially opens Friday, September 9th. 🔘 For now, all times must be booked in advance by calling the Talamore Villa Office at...  
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