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Help, Looking for an Odyssey Dual Force 880 Bronze Putter!

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I know these putters are rare but I am hoping someone somewhere will have one.

I am looking for an Odyssey Dual Force 880 Bronze putter.

It is a bladed putter in brass colour with a black insert.

Please let me know if you have one of know someone who does!


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  • iacas changed the title to Help, Looking for an Odyssey Dual Force 880 Bronze Putter!
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    • Maybe try what my first instructor called "baby swings," from just take-away, to get yourself back into the groove? Then, if that's successful, gradually increase your back-swing? It sounds like maybe you started getting your arms into your swing and perhaps you can't tell that's what you're doing?
    • Well, well, well. Hello there. I’m the resident shank-aholic here. Sounds like the Gods are having their way with you right now. It’s a virus and will pass. I too use many drills when my shanks are taking over my golf life.    You probably got a little too comfortable with your swing being that you’ve been playing well. Lol. I will say this: the two ball drill does well for me. Place a ball outside the intended ball to where if you hit heel side or hosel you’ll strike the outside ball. This really forces me to not let that damn club move away from me and go hosel dancing. Just start with simple chips. Or use a hardcover , cup, anything that you can use as an obstacle to avoid hitting. Ive been riddled with shanks for over 30 years and I go to this when the Gods are feeling humorous.
    • @billchao, wise counsel, but I do not expect that to be a problem.  My goals are fairly modest: Just to get to the point I can play half-way decent bogey golf.  If I someday end up playing better than that: Wonderful. I know that, no matter how hard I work on it there will be bad strikes.  I know there'll still be train-wreck games.  If it can happen to the pros, and it does, it can certainly happen to me. I guess the best way to put it is I'd like to get the rest of my game to where my chipping was year-before-last.  Chipping was the one strong point of my game. I got particularly good at green-side lob shots. To the point I received regular complements from the guys with whom I played.  Of course I still misfired.  Shrugged my shoulders, thought "Well, that sucked," and didn't let it bother me. That actually had a downside, btw. I was so good at it, it became a hammer/nail thing, and I'd try to use that shot where a bump and run, or even the putter, would've been the more sensible choice.  Burned myself more than once, that way 
    • Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before… Been playing really well this week. Striking the ball the best I ever have and shooting some really good scores. Banged a drive down the middle of the fairway, simple 9 iron into the green and…BANG! The dreaded shanks! After that I couldn’t hit a single thing. Went to the range and the same thing was happening over and over again. Even trying to pitch with my wedges, I was getting the same result. I’m 99% sure its a case of over-the-top shanks as I can feel my upper body being so over-active and just swiping across the ball. I tell myself to pause at the top, activate the lower body and let the arms drop into the slot - but it’s just not happening. I think my eyes are seeing the ball going right time and time again, so my subconscious is taking over and trying to send the ball to the left. Looking for tips on what has helped others to get over this? At the moment there isn’t a single drill I’ve tried that is helping - it feels like I have zero control over my mind and something else is taking over when I get to the top of the backswing. I can put training aids/guides/blockers/alignment sticks on the ground and I just go clattering into them. The only viable solution I see at the moment is putting my clubs away for 6 weeks!
    • I've been golfing for about 25 years, first 10 years didn't play much, mostly just company tourneys, then I got better and got hooked on it, started playing more often.  About 10 years ago, I started playing about once a week, but my wife kept complaining that I played too much so I cut down to twice a month since then. During Covid (2020 & 2021) I barely played at all, started playing again this summer, and got back to playing 1 round a week (either Sat or Sun).  My wife got used to me not playing in the last 2 years and now complains that I golf too much.  To be fair, I had encouraged her to take up golf, she tried but didn't like it.  I've never complained about her regular frequent visits to shopping malls, hair salons, nail salons, spas, etc.  as a matter of fact I've always encourage it. BTW we're now empty nesters, no kids to take care of, and I do most of the cooking & cleaning in our house.  For those whose wives are not golfer, is 1 round a week too much?  How often do most people play?
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