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What Is Your Record Score on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Games?

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Mine is 56 (-16) on Doral which is a par 72. Also did it with my normal player who has average stats :s.

Anyway, what is your record score for 18 holes on tiger woods?
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50something , '04. My golfer I built has maxed stats now and about a million bucks I don't have anything to spend on, lol.

I have the exact situation! Im gonna buy everything.

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Lol I might have a disadvantage because I think i broke my controllers, slamming them on the ground when I miss the birdie putt :P I dont know what to do anymore, I putt the game on hardest difficulty and I still dominate the tournaments.
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I just had to go look, I couldn't remember. I know it's in the low 50's. Turns out it's 54, I think I shot 4 pars, 4 eagles and all the rest birdies. That's on TW '08 too, but I don't remember which course.

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Okay, what kind of rules :P ?

I dunno. Say...play Sawgrass from the blacks, all other settings default. I just did that, and I shot 15 birdies and 3 eagles to tie my 51

Hit the pin for what was almost a double eagle, and left a hole in one short on the island by less than a foot. Soooooo close to 49 I could taste it
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I dunno. Say...play Sawgrass from the blacks, all other settings default. I just did that, and I shot 15 birdies and 3 eagles to tie my 51

alright after i eat ill play, havent played in a long time so we'll see :D

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AWw Pinseeker you win, played sawgrass, shot a dissapointing 57. Pared the last 2 holes didnt need those pars and missed easy eagle chances .

Heres a rep point for your win

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