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Keep Arm Straight Without Tension?

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I played very little during Covid (probably 2 or 3 rounds a year), just started playing more again now and I've been struggling with consistency.  I notice now that my left arm (right handed) bends a lot on my back swing (even with shoulder turn) so I've been practicing to keep the left arm straight (with just 3/4 back swing with shoulder turn).

However now I have another issue, in order to to keep my left arm straight on the back swing, I feel the tension on the whole arm including my grip,  When I try to relax my hand to have a loose grip my elbow bends again.

Does anyone have any advise or drill on how to keep the left arm straight with the tension only in the arm to keep the elbow straight while relaxing the hand/grip?


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Do you just grip the club to light to begin with?

Also, as long as you are not restricting wrist mobility and forearm rotation, you got a lot of leeway to grip the club tighter than you think. The club pulls on the hands with a lot of force. 

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Check out Days 3 and 20.

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First off, left arm straight has good intentions but isn’t quite right. It’s a result of good chest turn. We want to keep the hands wide on the backswing from a good body turn. How much does the left arm bend? Some amount is ok. 

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